Thursday, 17 December 2015

Star Wars - The force awakens post film direction and speculation

Last night I saw Star Wars - The Force Awakens and its superb. Visually stunning, interesting characters, Chewbacca is hilarious, as is BB8. There are lots of "whoop whoop!" moments, a hand full of "what the hell!?" moments and one "NOOOO!!!" moment. It's a very cool set up for the next film and leaves me with a massive list of questions - I've barely slept, my mind has been whirring about who, what and why...if you want to see some spoilers and speculation, click below...

Are you sure?


So I reckon this trilogy's main focus is Han's son vs Luke's daughter. As the film shows us, Kylo Ren is Han and Leia's wayward son (Kylo Ren is a title, in the film Han shouts "Ben" at him so I'm assuming that's his name). Leia states that he was being trained as a Jedi by Luke Skywalker before something snapped and he went rogue, he then goes over to the new dark side and is now trained and run by some...thing that resembles the alien from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This new 'villain behind the scenes' was not at all fleshed out and I have absolutely no idea who/what he is or what he is trying to achieve.

Ray, the film's titular character is an interesting one, she has an obvious affinity with Luke's old lightsabre (the blue one), when she first see it it caused her to have flashbacks to being abandoned as a child on Jakku and later she is able to overwhelm Kylo Ren's force pull to retrieve it before using it to kick his ass. There must be some link here that is beyond her ability to use the force! So this is where I'm going to start my wild speculation...

At some point post-Endor, Luke falls in love and is married/in a relationship with someone - for those who know about the original canon, think Mara Jade style. However, something happens - maybe the Ben Solo going ape-shit event, causes Luke to abandon the relationship and go into hiding. Unbeknownst to Luke, his wife is pregnant with Ray and in her own desperate search to find Luke she ends up leaving her on Jakku, promising to return - very reminiscent of Luke being left on Tattoine. This would explain the pained look on Luke's face when he turns and sees her, it's guilt at having left her and putting her through so much. I'll bet that next film is going to involve her doing some training with Luke and then confronting Kylo Ren in an Empire Strikes Back parallel.

If I'm right , this would make Ray and Ben cousins and set up an interesting narrative dynamic for the follow up films. There were genuine signs of doubt and a need for redemption in Kylo Ren, particularly just after THAT moment on the bridge (I'm still not over it) and this could be a will he/won't he? tension to build a story around.

Fin is an interesting one, he was filling the role of Luke in this film, (help get the thing to the person). His backstory is mysterious at first but is quickly revealed as 'he's been a storm trooper since birth and grew a conscience on his the first combat mission'. That's pretty much it. John Boyega does a good job with him even though Fin spends much of the first half of the film hyperventilating. I think he has the second best line in the film with "Oh yeah, there's a trash compactor!" (Best line being Han to Chewie "Oh so YOU'RE cold?"). I think he's going to be the "guy who goes and finds the thing." in the next film with BB8 and Poe as his companions.

Beyond that there are loads of other questions but my head isn't thinking straight right now and I need to go and see it again to see if I missed anything first.

I think Episode VIII is going to be about the first Jedi Temple, this is what Luke was looking for and its not made clear whether he found it or not, I reckon it'll be a race between Luke and Ray aided by Fin, Poe and BB8 (who go do their own thing and meet up with them later) and Kylo Ren to get their first and unlock it's power.

We shall find out in two very long years time.

May the force be with you!

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