Friday, 15 January 2016

Deliverance Lost No More

When I bought my second set of Betrayal at Calth I wasn't 100% sure which army I was going to plump for. I wanted to do a smaller force of around 2,000 points and I wanted to try and theme it to something from the novels. My initial thoughts was a World Eaters list  I'd called Descent of the Red Angel which is taken from Galaxy in Flames. It was based around Angron coming to the surface to fight the loyalist survivors and only really needed a Storm Eagle to do. However, World Eaters are quite common and I wanted to try something a bit different.

My next thought was taken from Mechanicum and was based around Sigismund's rescue raid on the forges where he attempted to recover as much Astartes kit as he could before the traitors arrived. I really liked this idea, I could get some big tanks and it'd be a challenge to paint - however, for me,Imperial Fists (much like Iron Warriors, Death Guard and Salamanders) are Mk3 models. All the FW characters are wearing Mk3 and the Templar Brethren, which was what I wanted to accompany Sigismund in an Achilles Land Raider, are also a Mk3 upgrade set. This idea is now shelved because I'm certain that at some point there will be a Mk3 equivalent of BaC and I will pick it up again then.
I really toyed with Loyalist Emperor's Children but I couldn't make a fluffy army out of the box set (it was the Terminators I couldn't justify using) and that was kind of the point. I also didn't see a fluffy list being in any way competitive given the limited resources the loyalists have available.

This left me with something of a dilemma…until the WHW open day and the release of Corax! Deliverance Lost is one of my favourite HH books and it inspired me to start a 40k Raven Guard army (which admittedly didn't get very far) but now, I'm feeling the stealth.

Last Friday I preordered Corax, the Dark Fury squad and the Darkwing assault bundle (Storm Eagle and Mor'Deythan squad with RG rhino doors) to compliment my Calth box. This will all add up to an infantry heavy army of a little over 2000 points. (As a side note, my pre-order was delivered for release day, rather than being dispatched on release day!) With book 6 on the way containing rules for the shattered legions it will be interesting to see how they can be used. 

I’ve got a few things to finish off first before I can get stuck into this new challenge but I’m going to use it as an incentive to wade through some of the painting I’ve put off for years - watch this space for some Dark Elves or whatever they’re called these days!

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