Saturday, 13 February 2016

Raven Guard and the Shattered Legions Plan

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm now doing a smaller 30k army in the shape of the Raven Guard. I've been hard at work with some hobby stuff recently and here are the fruits of my labours.

The black was just 2 coats of undercoat spray and rather than doing edge highlights which as far as I'm concerned goes against all the RG fluff I've added battle damage to break up the larger black areas.

After a lot of thought I have decided to NOT paint white on my Raven Guard and are instead going for the same muted metal look that is on the shoulder pads. This is in keeping with a HH poster I have of the loyalist legions (I'll try and put a photo up soon). The effect of this is to give them a much more stealthy look and I have always felt that the bright white was not very sneaky...

I wanted to do something to help them fit in with Corax's 'dynamic entry' pose of him crashing through a roof onto some unsuspecting traitors so I've used 5mm perspex to replicate glass on several of the bases. I was trying to make it look like they were barrelling in through windows and it seems to have worked quite well, my one issue is that the superglue fumes have frosted the perspex but it's a minor point. I still have to do a bit more weathering but I bent the needle of my airbrush so am currently waiting for a replacement to arrive. In the mean time I've painted up the Mor Daythen strike squad and made a start on Corax.


  1. Very cool! I love the Beaks. BTW, I don't play 40K, but I have some Space Marines, and was searching the 'net for ideas on painting up an old Whirlwind kit. I have a can of gold spray paint and was thinking of doing it up as belonging to the Celestial Lions. Cheers!
    P.S. Amazing collection you have!

  2. I'd love to know what you used to get the tiled bases that fit with Corax own :)

  3. how did you make the tiled bases?

    1. Hacked up floor tiles from one of the 40k terrain pieces - the one with the balcony, I forget what it's called.