Saturday, 27 May 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares Impressions

A mate at my local gaming club got me into this after badgering me relentlessly for a few weeks. It's a sci-fi D10 game from Warlord Games and is essentially Bolt Action on steroids...and in space. The universe is very much still in its infancy but things are starting to take shape, I haven't delved too much into the background of the universe but essentially there are these warp gate-sequences things that various empires are fighting to take control of. It's a fairly standard premise but it's got enough flavour to it to make it stand out.

BTGOA uses the same order Dice mechanic as Bolt Action and from what I can tell, quite a few other mechanics as well (like pin markers and cover) but since I done play Bolt Action I can't really make too much of that. 

There are a number of races at the moment with the promise of more and sub factions of current races to come. At the time my mate had a Concord force (solid human faction, defiantly not space marines...) so I went with the Algoryn (slightly off-human faction, definitely not the jem'hadar...) which are a robust if not especially deadly race who have developed a militaristic society after generations of near constant warfare.

The thing that drew me to them was their skimmers which look really cool, lots of sleek lines and sharp edges. I've only played a handful of games and whilst I enjoy it I think it suffers from bloat in bigger games. 1,000 points seems to be about right which is around 8 units a side - unless you play Gharr (shame on you) when you're looking at about 3.

After three or four games we are still messing up some basic rules which have screwed me over on a fair few occasions, the rulebook is a bit all over the place and not the most user friendly. My biggest issue with the Algoryn is their general lack of punch vs. the other races. Their basic weapons don't have the same strike value (think AP) and their armour isn't quite as strong. They're no better in close combat and their vehicles don't pack any extra punch. At the moment they just don't seem to have a trick that I can see. However since I'm not a WAAC player it's fine, the game is fun and as I get my head around the rules I'm sure I'll be able to play them better.

This time last year getting into the game was pricey but Warlord Games have been knocking out plastic kits which have dragged the prices right down. There is now a really solid Algoryn starter Army for £50 (cheeper from other sites) and some cool looking models coming soon.

I'll try and do a more detailed article later on but for now here is a snap of my painted Army and some game photos.

AI Command Squad
3 AI Infantry Squads

AI Infiltrator Squad
Interceptor Command Squad
2 Avenger Attack Skimmers with magnetised weapons
X-launcher team

On the painting table I also have...
Heavy Mag Mortar
AI Assault Squad
Medic Team
Lots of drones.

I've also bought a Liberator gunship which is a beast of a thing, I don't know how often it'll get used on the table because of the restrictions in the Army List but it'll look cool on the shelf. 

If you play BTGOA and have any tips on how to trample the Gharr I'd appreciate some advice!

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  1. Your mate sounds like a complete git. Still, wonderful paint job on the Not Tau!