Saturday, 27 May 2017

Fair well High Elves, we hardly knew ye!

My recent post on the state of my 'to do list' made me realise a few things and the main one was that the High Elves were not going to get done. As such I made the decision to sell them. Luckily a mate was starting High Elves to play 3rd Edition and happily took them off me for a price we were both happy with. I'm glad that they're sort of staying in the family and I'll get to see how they turn out.

After a bit of umming and ahhing I decided to keep Tyrion, Teclis and Imrick, they now stand in the corner with my 3 Wood Elf characters I kept when I sold them on.

With the money I made from the pointy eared Elves I've decided to dive into Age of Sigmar and have bought the Kharadron Overlord's battletome. I'm going up to my in-laws next week and they live up the road from Triple Helix Wargames who do 25% off GW stuff.

I also realised that I had some Dropfleet Commander to do and my Talons of the Emperor list (10 sisters, 10 guardians).

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