Friday, 26 May 2017

Halo Fleet Battles: Autumn class Heavy Cruiser Review

If I'm honest, I haven't done enough with Halo Fleet Battles at my local club, they seem to have a collective wariness towards space games that don't come with a Star Wars sound track (I backed Dropfleet Commander and that hasn't picked up locally either). Anyway, I still love it and am going to be making a more concerted effort in the coming months to play more and write a bit more coverage of the new releases. 

First up is the long awaited Autumn-class frigate which arrived this week, this release marks a new trend for Spartan because they are releasing ships as single blister packs now, this is great because it not only allows you to pick and chose individual ships but it also cuts the price down and reduces the wastage - for example, you get 4 Orion Assault Carriers in their box, realistically I'm only ever going to use 2 so I'm paying for 2 ships I'm probably never going to use.

How they didn't get round to making this ship sooner I don't know, the clamour for them to do this has been incessant since the game was first announced. The model is beautifully rendered though smaller than I expected it's not appreciably bigger than the ubiquitous Marathon Heavy cruiser. It comes, for the first time in a release, with a trio of pelican boarding craft which is a nice touch.

Stats wise things are looking familiar, the base ship is 100 points whilst the X is 110. With a damage track of 6.6.3 is nothing to shout about but it does have Defence Array 2 and Titanium Armour 2 which gives it some additional survivability over the Marathon. The Autumn also has a unique special rule which lets you re roll miss (skull) results on the initial MAC shot. This is huge and means that the Autumn is basically always at Firepower Rating 5 for her MAC cannon. It is slower than the Marathon with speed 6"

With the revised rules for the Marathon making Valiant cruisers viable for once I did wonder where the Autumn would fit in, my first impressions are that it is definitely worth the extra5 points over the marathon but probably won't be usurping the Valiant anytime soon. It's special rule mean it would be brutal in a unit of 3 or in pairs with a Halbred Axe element sniping bigger ships from the back line.

I'm hoping to get this painted up in the next few days. I'm going to be running a demonstration at our regional geek-convention in July and have a mini-game in mind for it.

What are your thoughts on this new unit?

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