Thursday, 25 May 2017

Heresy Raven Guard Army Roster

A while back I wrapped up the bulk of my Raven Guard project, there are still things I want to do with it but for now I'm satisfied. Below is the roster and some half decent photos.

Rite of War: Decapitating Strike

Lord of War:

Alvorax Maun
Primaris Medicae

Tartarus terminator squad with Land Raider Phobos 
Contemptor Mortis with twin assault cannons
Mor d'ythan strike squad

Assault Squad
Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad
Tactical Support Squad with meltaguns in drop pod

Fast Attack:
Legion Seeker squad
Dark Fury Squad
Darkwing pattern Storm Eagle

I want to add a pair of Leviathans as my limited Heavy Support unit but my Night Lords have called dibs on that for now. I also want to add 5 more bodies to the Mor d'ythan to give them a bit more stopping power and some drop pods to transport the rest of the infantry.

Now onto the Talons of the Emperor...

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