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Lord of the Rings battle report: Minas Tirith vs. Easterlings/Harad

Last week we played a doubles 500 point battle using a custom scenario we made up on the night. Pippin, with an escort of Rangers has to escape the Haradrim and light a beacon on the far side of the table. (Why it had to be Pippin doing it we didn't really clarify but it seemed like a reasonable thing).

We played on a 6x4 with lots of forests and hedges. We set up a small settlement around the middle and two watch towers, one on the centre line and the other in the back corner, this is the location of the beacon. 

The battlefield, the watchtowers are from TTCombat
My Osgiliath veterans

Forces of Good: The men of Gondor 

Warband 1: Boromir (shield), 2 Guards of the Fountain Court, 3 Warriors of Minas Tirith with spears, 4 Warriors of Minas Tirith with shields.
Warband 2: Faramir (heavy armour), 12 Osgiliath Veterans, 3 with bows, 2 with spears, 7 with shields
Warband 3: Damrod, 5 Rangers of Gondor

Forces of Evil:

Not 100% on this but there were lots of Easterlings, some Serpent Guard, a load of Merchant Guard, guys with blowpipes and a trio of Black Numenorians.

We used the Reserves deployment, Faramir's Warband went into reserve, whilst Pippin and his Ranger escorts set up in some trees 18" from the enemy board edge and Boromir deployed on the Good table edge.. The enemy deployed a unit of archers and a unit of Warriors on their edge.

Spoilers - the Rangers won and went on to snipe lots more!
In the early stages the Rangers broke up into smaller groups to try and block potential charges on Pippin who bolted, with Damrod as his escort, for the nearest tower. The first casualty of the game was a Ranger of Gondor who fell to fire from the Easterlings, however the rest were able to weather the storm. Two of them made it to the first watchtower and shot the Dragon Knight as he raced towards Pippin from the right hand table edge. This was a huge blow for the Harads as they didn't have any other characters and were now at the mercy of our heroic moves. Another Ranger was cut down by the remaining cavalry who in turn were dropped by the remaining Rangers. Three now took up position in the tower and remained there for the rest of the game, the enemy deciding to bypass them and go straight for Pippin and the far watch tower. This proved to be a costly mistake as those three Rangers took out seven further models between them - in total it was almost 1/4 of the enemy's models, not bad for S2 shooting!

Once Pippin and Damrod had made it to Boromir, the hero of Gondor led his men into a mass of Easterling Warriors who had marched relentlessly towards them. This turned into the obligatory LOTR tar pit that kept both sides busy for several turns. By this time all the forces had arrived and unfortunately for the Evil players, their other hero rolled to arrive on the Evil table edge, this effectively meant that he and his entourage were out of the game as they had to trek across 5ft of the table to get to the action.

Damrod passed Pippin off to Faramir and uttered the cinematic line of "Go! I'll hold them off." As he took up station blocking the quickest route to the Hobbit from the advancing Merchant Guard. In the end he died but he valiantly held them up for two turns. A group of Easterlings broke ranks and made a dash for the tower in the hopes of capturing it before Pippin got there but the Osgiliath veterans beat them to it and defended the tower bravely. It was about this time that the forces of Evil fell below 50% and although they only lost two models to failed courage tests in the initial turn, they fled in droves in the following ones. Boromir who had expanded most of his Might and Fate points, tidied up the remaining Easterlings and sought out more targets but Pippin made it to the tower and completed the objective.

Here are some more snaps of the battle...

Note Damrod holding the gap in the hedge - it was very brave of him...

The scenario played out brilliantly and but for one duff reserves roll would have been much closer. We would have sent Boromir after the Serpent Lord but we ran out of time and had to pack up. Boromir won man-of-the-match but I think the trio of Rangers were the most cost effective taking out almost 150 points for their 24 point investment.

Here are the casualties from each team -

If you've not tried it, give LOTR a go, it's a great little system, all the sourcebooks and rules are available online if you do some aggressive googling. Remember though that eBay is often more expensive than buying it direct from GW - always check!

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  1. Just to echo your closing comments about this being a great itty system - there's always a tonne of things going on at games clubs and I think it's pretty natural to breath a sigh when your circle moves onto a new game and you know it's time for yet another financial outlay and hours of painting. However, this isn't true with LOTR - just a handful of miniatures is all it takes to get stuck in and (shockingly considering the GW brand) they are very affordable. It's possible to get involved with £15 on eBay, although on that note I'm still finding eBay cheaper than GW direct. Cracking write up as always, many thanks!