Saturday, 10 June 2017

Lots of gaming to report

Its been a good time hobby wise, I've been off on half term which has meant I've been able to get a fair bit done. Fresh from my trip to Triple Helix Wargames (where I bought my Kharadron Overlords) I sold my PHR fleet on eBay and used the proceeds to buy some MDF terrain from TTCombat. I ordered two Fantasy Watchtowers, some sci-if building pods, two sets of barricades, a generator, two Space Elf (think Eldar) landing pads and a set of Space Elf towers. The human stuff has arrived and looks great but I'm still waiting on the rest.

Terrain is a criminally overlooked aspect of the hobby and I'm going to make a bit of an effort to get some decent terrain sorted over the next year - I'm a grown up now, I'm beyond books and painted cereal boxes damnit!

Friday night gaming saw my mate bring his Iron Hills Dwarves (the Forgeworld ones) for his first ever game of Lord of the Rings, I ended up refereeing two small games as people refreshed/learned the rules and then a much bigger team game. The big set piece was a king of the hill fight between Gondor/Iron Hills and Haradrim. It became a tar pit on the hill but the game hung in the balance until the last combat. Boromir did his thing and made mince meat out of everyone who came near him and Dain on his pig made an equally good showing. In the end though the forces of Evil had one additional model on the hill and so won the game. Even though I wasn't playing it was still a thoroughly enjoyable game to watch and reminded me that I havent seen the movies in a while...

On Saturday I had a game of Beyond the Gates of Antares with my Algoryn vs Concord in a 500 point skirmish 'Hold the position' game. I'd just finished building the terrain so we made good use of that. It was a fun game where you had to get as many units onto them objective as possible - in the end it was 2v2 with my Skimmers needing to roll 7 > to activate (and thus win the game) but I spiffed it on a 9 and so it ended in a draw.  I should have won it really but I had already lost one unit before I realised that I didn't need to sit on the hill, just be close to it to rush onto it in the final part of the game. I then used what were dubbed 'Italian Tactics' where I ran off and hid behind a building - it almost worked too, thus reinforcing the point I made in an earlier acetic level which is - ALWAYS play the mission!

Later that evening I had a fair well game of 7th Edition vs my mate's Deathwatch. We made it a 1,000 match of Purge the Alien (VPs for killing each unit, most wins) and, in the spirit of 7thEd 40k I went for all the WAACs.
Here was my list:
Avatar of Khaine
Farseer (Runes of Battle)
Farseer (Runes of Fate)
Striking Scorpions
Crimson Hunter
Guardians with Bright Lance platform
Fire Prism

He had a Watch Captain, Librarian, Heavy weapons loadout Kill Team, Assault Squad, Venerable Dreadnaught and a Corvus Blackstar. With the exception of my Rangers who picked off the odd marine here and there most of army didn't achieve much, my Avatar, as expected, butchered damn near everything despite losing 4/5 wounds by turn 3. The Crimson Hunter took out the Corvus and his Assault Squad scored first blood by killing my Striking Scorpions but I took the game 8-2. 

Table set up and deployment

I Used lots of psychic buffs to enhance the army  which helped the Rangers to do some damage.
my back line held their ground in case the Deathwatch broke past the Avatar 
They didn't...

The Crimson Hunter arrived to the Top Gun soundtrack

and it blew the Blackstar away in a turn.

We aren't regular 40k players so had to look up a lot of rules but this small game took over 3 hours to complete - half of that was spent looking up rules. The new 8thEd data cards, with all the relevant uses included are going to be brilliant, no wonder they developers reckon you can do 1,500 points in 80 minutes!

All in all, it was a good week's gaming. 

Now I'm off to go and put my Final Fantasy Trading Cards in a folder - more on that in future.

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