Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Algoryn Prosperate: Faction Review

I thought I'd put together a basic overview of the Algoryn Prosperate  after my last article on Beyond the Gates of Antares. Please add any comments or recommendations in the box at the bottom of the article.

The Algoryn Prosperate have had a bit of a rough time of it over the years, being on the boundary of the Gharr Empire has led to frequent and brutal attacks on their society on a more-or-less consistent basis. In response to this ever present threat the Algoryn have developed a militaristic society where everyone knows how to fight.

Starting Out:
A good starting point has to be the new Starter Army which for £50 (you can get it cheaper online) gets you a Command Squad, 3 Trooper Squads of 5, an X-launcher team and an Avenger Attack Skimmer (never leave home without one). This comes out at 662 points basic with scope to add upgrades to 750 points. For the most part these will be auto takes for any Army, from here I would add another Avenger and a medic team to round you up to about 1,000 points. If you're hobby skills are up to it, magnetise the Avenger weapon options as you will need to swap out depending on who you are going to be facing. Against Concord, the mag cannon is great at punching through their vehicles but against Gharr, you are better off going for weight of fire and playing the odds of them rolling 10s for pins - so the twin mag light support weapons is the way to go.

How they play:
To me it feels like the Algoryn army plays in a way that resembles early edition Eldar, it's hard to put it into words why but they do. You need to be a bit aggressive and make use of your reasonable range and resilience to advance up the board and complete the mission objectives. At the same time you also want to be cagey, your guys are good but will be outshot or out fought if left unsupported. Your saving grace are your Skimmers which are robust enough to take some hits and can dish out some serious hurt - mag cannons in particular will wreck your opponent's day. 

I get the feeling that, despite the Concord being the poster boys, Algoryn are the vanilla Army that others are measured against. I think with the upcoming releases this may change but as it is they don't seem to have a gimmick or an edge.

The Meta down here is Gharr and Concord (and by 'meta' I mean the other guy at the club has these two armies) so I can't comment on how they perform agains Boromoties et al. However I do have a few thoughts based on my experiences.

In general:
  • Small squads are better than big squads...I think. Cheep units are the one big advantage of the Algoryn but you can very quickly make them expensive. A standard AI Trooper unit is 94 points but a fully kitted out squad tops out at 214, you are better off having more smaller units and using your support units to greater effect.
  • Give your Infiltrators Solar Charges, they can lay minefield all over the place which can help you funnel enemy units into the jaws of your guns. Their camo drone makes the unit a pain for people to deal with so don't be afraid to advance them up the board but try and keep them in cover.
  • If you can afford it give every unit a spotter drone to make what limited power-shots you have get that crucial re roll - anything with a mag cannon really needs one to make them points effective.
  • On the subject of spotter drones, try to network them to help with your mortar teams, that re roll is really useful and you get the bonuses from being hidden from sight.
  • Get a medic team, their healing bubble (re-roll a nominated armour save die just like a Leader) can affect multiple units and really help you avoid breaking.
  • The AI Command Squad is good but don't be afraid to bin it if points are tight.

Vs. Concord - 
First things first, you're not going to outshoot them. Concord weapons have a better strike rating than yours, better firepower and better upgrade options. Secondly, their drones are better than yours and thirdly their vehicles are (at least until the Liberator is released) better than yours... What you have over them is cheaper units and therefore more order dice. With the Avenger being MOD2 and pretty cheep, you could in theory get 6 order dice from 400 points*. This means that you are likely to be able to outmanoeuvre them and you can afford to go into Ambush or react with a run away! move without compromising your overall plan too much. Against Concord, play the mission, don't try and table your opponent.

*It should be noted that if you turn up with 3 mag cannon Avengers no one is going to want to be your friend.

Vs Gharr.
I mentioned earlier that you probably won't be killing Gharr units as an Algoryn player. Their resistance is too high and the Strike Value of your weapons is too low, even your Mag cannon hits are being saved 70% of the time against their standard battlesuits. What you need to do instead is again, out order dice them and then just spam them with small arms, if you throw enough shit at a target eventually something will stick and with their small units, Gharr are really vulnerable to pin markers. So dispense with the one shot cannons and break out the rapid fire weapons across the board. This means Assault Squads, Infiltrators, Avengers with twin mag light supports, Intercepter Skimmer Squads and give everything that can take it slingnet ammo.

I'm hoping my understanding is going to improve in the weeks to come and I'll write up another article with any additional thoughts I have.

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