Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy, not a super fan but VII is still my all time favourite game and XIV is a fab MMO, I played VIII and IX growing up, I have the HD remake of X & X-2 on my Vita and whilst I enjoyed the XIIIs I did find they started to drag after a while. I'm currently playing XV which is very well put together but the lead character Noctus is doing my head in…so when I heard about a new FF themed card game I took notice.

I played Pokemon cards as a kid and had a few tries at yu-gi-oh but I never really got into the whole TCG scene. Magic the Gathering has never appealed to me and I'm not sure why that is but there you go. With this limited background in TCGs, it came as something of a surprise then when I learned about the Final Fantasy TCG that was recently released in the West (after being around in Japan for a good few years) I was pretty keen to get involved. 

The game itself came out in summer 2016 and is about to be on its third expansion - Opus III which contains a 160 new cards to join the original 216 from Opus I and the 148 in Oous II. It now has 5 different starter sets containing a combination of 2 of the 6 main Element types. The decks are themed around specific games - the first three were VII, X and XIII whilst the recent two are from IX and Type-0.

If you're interested in the battle mechanics there are some videos on the official website as well as footage from recent national championships 

Being an adult I was actually able to throw some money at this. I bought a booster box of both Opus I and II and from the contents had an almost complete set of cards for both. I also had enough spares and duplicates to sell on eBay that I almost turned a profit. All in I think I've spent about £60 after re sales - I did splash out on some nice card folders too.

I really like the look of the cards, the artwork varies in style from watercolours to full HD renders and the cards have a really solid feel to them, they aren't going to wear out like my old Pokemon ones did! The game itself looks like fun too - I haven't played a round yet because I need to find an opponent but I'll report back when I do.

I'm off to go and preorder a box of Opus III boosters!

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