Thursday, 6 July 2017

Geek Fest 3.0 and the charity raffle

Last weekend was Geek Fest 3.0, Cornwall’s answer to ComicCon at Heartlands near Camborne. It's a weekend event with trade stands, prop and armour displays, CosPlay competitions and a demo area for tabletop games, board games and RPG sessions. It's a smallish event but was good fun. 

On Sunday, I set up a Gates of Antares demo game with a mate (who incidentally writes some of the official fiction for the game). We didn't actually work through the mechanics with anyone but lots of people came, looked and asked questions. 
In addition, we put on a charity raffle to raise money for Little Harbour, a local Children’s Hospice. In the weeks running up to the show I contacted a number of local and online stores asking for contributions to the raffle, the response was amazing with lots of independent stores offering up a lot of stuff. In the end we had 3 sets of prizes which were as follows:

1st prize:
Copy of Dark Imperium (yes, the new one!)
City Ruins battle mat
Cataphractii terminator box
2 sets of Wound trackers 
£10 Element Games vouchers

2nd Prize:
Beyond the Gates of Antares rulebook 
Algoryn Command Squad
Boromite Matriarch
Sci-if barricades from TTcombat
£5 Element Games voucher

3rd Prize:
German Grenadiers
Soviet KV1/KV2 tank
£5 Element Games voucher

We sold over 300 tickets including one from one of my twitter followers and at the moment we've raised about £260 which is pretty cool. The overall winner was a guy called Adam who looks very chuffed with his prizes!

Please visit and support the shops who contributed prizes, their generosity needs to be acknowledged.

If you'd like to make a donation to Little Harbour, you can do so on the link below.

My thanks go to everyone who contributed prizes or bought tickets, the money we raised will make a big difference to some very special people.

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