Monday, 10 July 2017

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

X-wing is one of the best things to happen to tabletop gaming in a very long time. Easily accessible but bloody hard to master, if you haven tried it yet, I thoroughly recommend it. At the highest competitive level I've heard it's got a bit stale with one or two lists being flown by everyone, it's also on its 11th wave of expansions now and is starting to suffer from a bit of bloat. We had a phase of being a bit X-wing mad at the club a couple of years ago but it's phased out of fashion, we are however attempting to give it a come back.

The clever people over at created an RPG campaign for the system allowing you to take a rookie pilot and develop them over several engagements. Players earn XP to level up, buy new ships, upgrades, weapons and pilot abilities. It's called the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster and one of our regulars is going to GM it for us.

You start with either an X-wing or a Y-wing at Pilot Skill 2 and take it from there. I've gone for an X-wing although I think that this might not be the wisest choice - I have nothing to back this up just a gut feeling…still, X-wing > Y-wing

If you want to have a look at the campaign you can find it here:

As an X-wing pilot you have 5XP to start with (Y-wing pilots have 8) to spend on equipment and I am toying with several options:

Option 1:
R2 Astromech (1-2 speed are all green) 1XP
Shield Generator (+1 Shield) 4XP

A safe bet, the extra shield will probably quite useful when dealing with the punishing fire from massed TIE swarms and the Astromech means it will be easier to shake of stress tokens I'll need to accrue pulling the harsher turns and loops to get in/out of firing arcs

Option 2:
BB-8 (green manoeuvres grant a free barrel roll) 2XP
Engine Upgrade (ship gains the Boost action) 3XP

This will give my ship a lot more flexibility to line up or get out of firing arcs, the X-wing is a solid ship that can take a bit of a pasting but it is not the brute that the Y-wing is, it will pay off to stay out of the way of as many TIEs as possible

Option 3:
R7-T1 Astromech (free target lock if you're in that ships firing arc) 3XP
Vectored Thrusters (ship gains the Barrel Roll action) 2XP

A compromise between the two, the vectored thrusters increase my tactical options whilst the Astromech helps mitigate the problem of mass TIE firing arcs and will let me use the focus token more often

I've got a week to think about it which is good as I'm torn between all three at the moment.

I've also given one of my X-wings a new paint scheme, it's not something I've done before and I've always pulled a face at ones I've seen on line. However, I have a spare ship and thought that this campaign would be an opportunity to create a cool new pilot and ship who would need a cool new paint scheme. Below are a series of WIP photos - I've not come up with a ship name or call sign yet, suggestions are welcome.

Colour Scheme:
Grey primer - A very, VERY fine covering of Halfords Grey car primer…I don't normally use this for models but I didn't have any more GW primer.
Fenrisian Grey Panels and edging
Dawnstone Grey engine block and exhausts
Nuln oil wash over everything
Fenrisian Grey/white scar extreme edge highlights
Ahriman Blue detailing
Lothern blue highlight
Troll slayer orange for the engine exhausts
Khorne red for the spot details 

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