Friday, 7 July 2017

Lord of the Rings Battle Report - Breakthrough

We recently played a 700 point doubles game pitting Elves and Rohan vs Mordor and Harad. We drew up lists before hand, since I'd been busy painting Glorfindel and some High Elves I made them the core of my list. I had originally planned to include Erestor and more High Elves but I didn't get them done in time. Instead I took Gildor Inglorian and a troop of Noldorin Exiles, this was rather fortuitous as their 8” movement makes them handy on the Breakthrough mission we rolled.

Forces of Rivendell:
Glorfindel with Elven blades and armour of Gondolin
Gildor Inglorian 
3 High Elves with Elven blades
2 High Elves with bows
3 Noldorin Exiles with bows
3 Noldorin Exiles with Elven blades and throwing daggers
2 Noldorin Exiles with Wood Elf Spears and throwing daggers

The Breakthrough mission requires the forces of Good to leave the table via the Evil player’s edge, we needed to get one hero and half our forces for a major victory or one hero and a third for a minor victory - anything else was an Evil victory.

The table was set up with lots of hedges and buildings which helped funnel people into various parts of the board. The battle essentially split into two overlapping games with Rohan fighting the Harad/Easterlings and my Elves up against Mordor. My direct opponent had two Ringwriaths (Knight of Umbar and The Tainted, both on horseback), a block of 8 Uruk Hai and a group of 6 Goblin Archers. Straight from the off I raced my Exiles into the tower on the right flank, their extra movement making them almost as fast as cavalry. Glorfindel had set up more centrally and advanced with his body guard, wary to keep out of range of shooting. I had decided that I would sacrifice my High Elf archers as a road block for any Easterlings who tried to intercept my units, they did this quite effectively, holding up a blob of Merchant Guard who were racing after Glorfindel - they even killed two before being brutally hacked down. 

Meanwhile the two Ringwraiths were expending will points with reckless abandon hurling Black Darts at my Elves, felling several with their S9 hits. The Uruk Hai marched about in a vain effort to catch my Exiles who continued their charge up the right table edge. The Goblin archers were clearly some sort of elite sniper unit as they felled several Elves, much to my frustration, proving once again that if you throw enough shit, some of it will stick…

My Exiles were eventually caught by the Knight of Umbar who killed two but couldn't finish off Gildor Inglorian who snuck around the wraith’s zone of control and made it off the board taking two of his companions with him. With this accomplished all we needed to do was get 1/3 of our models off the board, unfortunately we were taking a beating on the left flank and after some more ridiculous Goblin sniping victory hung by a thread. 

Sadly that thread was cut and we fell short of our goal by two models. A brutal round of combat against a mob of Harradrim killed too many men of Rohan and the Evil side secured a minor victory. However, with defeat looming, Glorfindel decided to wet his sword and carved up the Knight of Umbar in a single round of combat, both exhausting his final Will point in the combat but also taking his wound so whilst we lost the battle, the Lord of the West sent one of Sauron’s lieutenants shrieking back to the dark tower.

Overall it was a really good game, I was lucky I brought the Exiles as their speed helped clear a path for Glorfindel to pass through unmolested. He is a badass but given the fickle nature of the game it doesn't take much to bring a hero, even one as strong as he, down. In future I would probably put him on a horse to give him that greater threat range but that would mean losing a model elsewhere and when you've only got fifteen to start with that can be problematic.

This was the first time that I've fought Ringwraiths and I have to say they were impressive. I think you need to think carefully about which one you take (I like the Dark Martial) and it will very much depend on the Meta of the club and what else you have in your force. I've ordered one of my own now so I look forward to setting him loose in the near future.

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