Thursday, 6 July 2017

War of the Ring: Part 1

One of the biggest obstacles for getting people into a new game is the upfront cost. Our hobby is not cheep and most of us (myself included) are not consistently flush with cash!

For example:
  • If you want to get into 40k, you're looking at £100 minimum by the time you've bought the new starter box or a Start Collecting! box, Rulebook and codex. 
  • Infinity is about £60 for their 300 point sets
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares is £50 for a starter army plus the Rulebook. 
  • Star Wars Armada is £75 + another £50 or so for a small fleet
  • Halo Fleet Battles is one of the more reasonable, you can get a small fleet for a faction and the rules in their Ensign edition for £35 though the £70 starter box s much better value.

One of the biggest games at our club right now is Lord of the Rings, we have four or five committed players with our own forces and several others who join in as and when using our minis. However, to get people invested in the game we are setting up an eBay challenge in a similar vein to the Tale of 4 Gamers articles of old. Each of us has a budget of £20 a month (not including postage!) for three months to buy a LOTR army - at the end of it we will play some games with whatever we have managed to get hold of. 

Since I only have Good armies, I've gone for Mordor. At the time of writing, I've spent £12.83 of my July budget with a set of 24 Mordor Orcs for £6.49, Shagrat, Orc Captain for £2.35 and the Witch King of Angmar for £3.99. I've got my eye on some trolls and Wargs but they may have to wait until next month. We are toying with the idea that your first game must be played as purchased (no painting/fixing etc) and we will impose various penalties depending on the state of the models - this should be quite humorous as ‘eBay pro-painted’ is a very broad term.

£60 over 3 months is not extortionate and we are hoping to have a bit of uptake from our more casual players and allow us to build up a campaign in the future.

If you or your club is doing something similar, send me a tweet @calthburns and I'll do a feature on your efforts.


  1. That's an amazing idea. Great way to get new players into the hobby or into the game. Esspecially with LotR you should be able to get some nice armies (excluding the paintjob) of off the bay.