Thursday, 20 July 2017

Preview: Should the Glittering Host go to war?

This week we are trying a bigger game of LOTR, 500 points each to be precise. The aim is to play a one vs one game at this level and then have a 200 point each arena fight to the death over an objective.

I have two options for this, a Warriors of Minas Tirith list and a Galadhrim glittering host list. I could run a Mirkwood list by proxying my Galadhrim but I don't like doing that, nor will I field unpainted minis so my Rivendell and Mordor lists are out.

For Minas Tirith the obvious choice is Aragorn and a Squad of warriors backed up by Faramir the and some Rangers, Aragorn is 250 points which is a hell of an investment  and wouldn't leave me with much. As we are playing a random mission, this might hamstring me quite severely - that said he is worth every one of those points…

The Glittering Host is a more tactically flexible option for me, largely because I have a broader range of models and crucially, some cavalry. Having a block of mounted Elves is a great spear tip unit to either break a line or roll up a flank, they do need a hero with some might points to call heroic charges which is an expensive tax as none of the Galadhrim characters can take horses and a regular captain on a horse is 85 points…

The question then is what to use as my line Warriors. Celeborn is an absolute beast with a high fight, good MWF and even access to some magic powers. For the same price I could have Haldir and Rumil which would let me spread the MWF around a bit more. Alternatively I could take Galadriel and just spam the field with buffing magic. She is however quite squishy and it would leave me with a real absence of combat effectiveness - especially if there are some trolls or other nasty things lurking about.

Still, Aragorn…

I have settled on a list but I know a couple of people from the club read this and I don't want to give them an advantage so I'll post it up with some pictures of the battle in a few days.

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