Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Crystal Chroniclers:

With the launch of Opus 3 for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game I thought I'd have a search for a FFTCG themed podcast and I found this one, The Crystal Chroniclers. Their pilot episode was released last week and although they don't talk about the card game much they are embarking on a journey to play through all the mainline FF games and discuss their journey over the coming, presumably, years.

It's a novel concept and one I'm prepared to give a go myself. Playing through the games in stages as set out in the podcast is much more achievable given my limited gaming time these days, especially as FF 1-7 and 9 are all on iOS and I can play them in my lunch break. They are starting with FF1 and you have to get…I can't remember where, I need to listen to the instructions again…so far I'm 20 minutes in and just repaired a bridge.

The group consists of 5 friends who met at a FFTCG tournament, some are obsessive gamers, others are collectors and one (who sounds a lot like Simon Pegg) who has only just picked up the cards with no prior FF experience. The pilot is a little rough around the edges with some volume drop issues but I think if they get another microphone or two it'll get better.

They are also on Facebook 

and Twitter @theCChroniclers

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