Wednesday, 16 August 2017

(Backup) 8th edition Battle (sort of) report...

So last club night my mate and I ran through a game of 8th edition 40K and we both agreed it was really good.

It was only a 30PL game but we tried to use an array of units to give us a sense offs they play. As mentioned in an earlier post I ran Craftworld Aeldari with a Farseer, Warlock, Rangers, Guardian Squad, Striking Scorpions and a Wraithlord. My opponent fielded his Dark Angels and had a full tactical Squad a, terminator Squad and a terminator Librarian.
We played on a 3x4 surface with a set of walls, a pair of buildings and some blockades (see main picture).

He held his Terminators in reserve and I did the same with my Scorpions. My guardians took cover behind the barricades and bubble wrapped my Farseer so he couldn't be targeted. My wraithlord deployed quite centrally and my Rangers and warlock on the left. Most of the action took place early on, my Rangers and warlock mounted the building, his conceal power and their own buffs giving them a total of -2 to hit with a 3+ cover save. They traded shots with the tactical Squad, both taking a few from each other. His lascannon kept up a constant stream of fire onto my wraithlord and chipped away at it.

His terminators teleported in and soon sent a barrage of shots into my guardians, the assault cannon and 20 (1/2 range rapid fire) stormbolters decimated them leaving my Farseer dreadfully exposed. Luckily the Wraithlord was able to catch up and screen him from harm. I found the Starcannon a bit under whelming but in combat the Wraithlord was a monster - so too was the Farseer, his 2+ WS and Witchblade (always wounds on a 2+) combined with his 5W and 4+invulnerable save made him quite deadly. We traded blows for 2 turns before I got my Scorpions in on the charge, their mandiblasters (on the charge, cause a mortal wound on a 6) cut down 2 terminators and the rest swiftly followed as they were pummelled from the Wraithlord as well. His Librarian rolled a 12 on a psychic test and exploded, ironically doing more damage than he had in close combat.

Overall the game was far less fiddly, much more straightforward in terms of mechanics but still very tactical. I had to really think about what I was doing with my units, the notion that it is a dumbed down game is, I think, wrong. 

So yes, I am all aboard the 8th Ed train and can't wait to see what the Aeldari codex brings to the party.

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  1. Glad to hear you had some fun. I've really enjoyed 8th edition. I like being able to have a pick up game of 75pl and just spend a few minutes picking units to fill out a detachment or two.