Saturday, 26 August 2017

Eldar vs Dark Angels

This was my army for the night, a 50PL Spirit Host - I was quite pleased with it on paper...

This was our terrain for the evening. FAT Mat and my TTCombat buildings. We had some Black Reach scatter terrain that we still need to paint up.

The courier mission is a simple 'kill this unit' objective. I picked my Wraithlord and he had a Predator. It was a huge mistake on my part because I could not keep him safe. My opponent rolled well but he cut me down in turn 3. After my tank went I had no hope of tracking down his courier - 5" move with a 12" range isn't great in these situations!

Autocannons HURT! His predator took a real toll on my wraithguard/blades.

His Desthwing teleported in turn 2 to delay into the Wraithlord.

This combat didn't go as I had expected, I was hoping to kill more with the D-scythes but I rolled a 1 on their Assault D3...

My courier was eventually finished off by a burst of Assault cannon fire from the Razorback.

Game 2: Pilage and Burn with the same deployment zones. Different opponent testing out 8th, he switched out the Deathwing for the Ravenwing.

After he took out my tank my only hope was to try and table him - the plodding movement was again a really issue on such a broad game.

A protracted and messy combat ensued between the wraithguard and the Ravenwing. My Spiritseer died, as did his Captain.

He eventually disengaged and sat on one of my objective tokens, killing it. He won the game 1-0. Had it gone on longer it would have been more comprehensive, I just couldn't keep up!

In conclusion, mass wraithguard is not the way to go. In another mission, a 'hold this' mission maybe but you are hamstringing yourself massively. One Squad with a warlock in a Waveserpent would be a nice unit to include in a bigger force.

Time for a rethink!

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