Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Preparing for 8th Edition

This coming Friday I'm hoping to get to play a small game of 8th edition. "7th edition" was a dirty phrase at our club and so it was almost never played - to be fair though our local GW had their club night on at the same time as ours and it was always heaving, people just went there instead - but there are several people willing to give 8th a go.

The plan is to put out a 30 power level game between Aeldari and Space Marines. I've chosen the following lists to allow us to experiment with most aspects of the game:
Celestial Lions Space Marines (CT: Imperial Fists)
  • Chaplain with jump pack - 6
  • Tactical Squad, heavy bolter and flamer - 9
  • Tactical Squad, grav gun - 5
  • Assault Squad - 5
  • Razorback with twin lascannons - 5

Craftworld Aeldari:
  • Farseer - 6
  • Warlock - 3
  • Guardian defenders with bright lance - 4
  • Rangers - 5
  • Striking Scorpions - 5
  • Wraithlord - 7

I could also throw in a Stormtalon and a Crimson Hunter as they are both PL9 but that might need to wait until the second game.

I'm early excited about this, I've spent a lot of money on 40k and I always end felt 7th was hard work to get through and we were constantly staring st the rule book. I really want this system to work so I have everything crossed!

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