Sunday, 10 September 2017

Harlequins and more

My buddy and I split a copy of Death Masque when it was released and I've been sat on a Harlequins Army ever since. I've picked up bits and pieces to pad it out and have now decided to give it a go.
These shots are still very much WIPs but it's the general idea. My colour scheme is black/purple/gold with a teal accent to give it a bit of colour. I've tried to se the gold as embellishment on the cloaks but I've dusted every model with it, the aim being to make it look like their shimmering holofields. As a first batch I'm pleased with how they've turned out. As I say there is still lots to do on them but I am not turning this into a check and diamond based nightmare. Not all troupes do that and I've decided I'm not going to either - life is too damn short!

I've written up a 75 power level list that makes a Battallion and a Vanguard Detachment, it consists of 

Troupe Master
22 Players (8/7/7)
4 Skyweavers

Troupe Master
Death Jester

I'm not happy with the diamonds on these models so I'll be rebasing them and starting from scratch,I do like how the gold has played out but I might be a bit less heavy with it.

I've also bought some Aeldari reinforcements in the form of 2 packs of Swooping Hawks and a pack of Striking Scorpions, this will give me some tactical flexibility as they can basically deep strike at any point. Having these as an ever present threat will be useful!

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