Saturday, 16 September 2017

LOTR Battle Report: Battle of Amon-Hen

Last week we played a scenario from the Fellowship of the Ring Rulebook, the battle of Amon-Hen. For the ill informed this is the battle where Boromir is killed at the end of the first film (but start of the second book). We had to play it on a smaller table than the 4x4 recommended because we were in a temporary venue but it worked fine, we also used our eBay models so the painting wasn't great!

The Good side had to get all the heroes off the top edge of the board, either on foot or by boat, the evil side had to kidnap 2 heroes and carry them off the board. If either side failed this task the result would be a draw.

Good Forces:

Evil Forces:
20 Uruk Hai
20 Goblins

The game played out pretty much how the film did with Aragorn and Boromir butchering things left and right. Boromir nailed Lurtz in one round of combat (spending three might points in the process) and then proceeded to hack his way through at least 10 Uruks.

At the bottom end of the field, Frodo, Sam and Merry bundled into one of the boats and sailed it down river, Pippin, guarded by Gimli and Legolas marched across the board throwing stones at every opportunity. Legolas shot 5 goblins and cut down several more in combat whilst Gimli tried to match him kill for kill. Unfortunately for Legolas he came under sustained fire whilst shielding Pippin and died in defence of his hobbit friend. Gimli, enraged by this mopped up the last of the goblin mob and rushed to rescue Pippin who was being dragged away by a pair of Goblins. Fortunately, Boromir and Aragorn were able to intercept them in time, killing the last of the Evil forces and claiming a draw.

Playing the scenario was really good fun, it's well put together and whilst on paper it looks almost impossible to win - 40 Uruk-Hai!? in reality, Boromir and Aragorn are superb and can hold off swarms of them. I'd like to play this game again properly once I've repainted my purchases. We are also going to try some of the other narrative scenarios - especially those involving the Hobbits and the shire - weathertop would be great to do!

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