Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Exorcists Primaris Marines

I’ve been putting together a Primaris Army over the past few weeks and I’m also there with it. I have no problem with the Primaris fluff, I think they had to do something with the marines and had run out of realistic options. News out of the black library weekender seems to be that the Primaris project has set up all sorts of scope to move the fluff of different chapters forward and develop some interesting new story arcs - the one about Dark Angels not wanting/trusting the Primaris (or possibly the other way around) is an interesting one!

Anyway. After a fair bit of deliberation I went for the Exorcists as my Army. I was going to blend them into my existing Celestial Lions list but I decided against it because I wanted to roll out a pure Primaris Army. In hind sight it was probably a bad decision but I’m committed now so there. The Exorcists are a pet project of the Inquisition derived from the Grey Knight's geneseed and have cropped up a few times in the fluff. I have a handful of Grey Knights and with the resurgence of Chaos I don’t think I’m going to have a sohortage of opponents to play narrative missions with. To stop projects getting out of hand I have limited myself to 100 Power Level of units (give or take a bit) and I’m pretty much there now.

Captain in Gravis Armour
2 Lieutenants
Redemptor Dreadnaught
10 Reivers 
3x5-man Intercessors squads with varying weapon loadouts
3 Inceptors
5 Hellblasters
Repulsor tank

I had ordered some Agressors but cancelled them when I heard the easy build set was coming and I was kitting them out with flamestorm cannons anyway. After that purchase I’m done. The list comes out as a 49PL Battalion Detachment and a 50 point Vanguard Detachment giving me 4CP for games which is a healthy amount.

My badger airbrush is on its legs so I’ve just ordered a new Harder and Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2-in-1 which is due any day now. I’ve also booked onto a Siege Studios course in February which I’m excited for. At this point I’m going for a clean look because I want to do the weathering once I’ve learnt how to do it properly. I have done a first though and put cork down on the bases - it was a damn sight cheaper than the GW modelled bases! In an ideal world I’ll get them done by the new year but Christmas is always much busier than I think it’ll be (and we are hosting this year) isn’t get pushed back a bit.

Anyone else caught the Primaris bug?

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  1. yep, been working on white scars vs deathguard on instagram! I feel your pain broke my patriot real bad and switched over to iawata, a more subtle brush :)