Sunday, 19 November 2017

LOTR EBay challenges

The Lord of the Rings eBay challenge armies were gathered together for the first time this week. It had to be said there were some excellent buys and some seriously good business done by members of the club.

We had a Mordor Army with a Balrog, orcs and Ringwraiths, a huge (80+ models!) Warriors of the Last Alliance Army, my Fellowship/House of Elrond host and a swarming goblin/Uruk Hai Army led by a fearsome troll chieftain. For good measure, a fellow long term player brought his unpainted Dwarves to join in. I’ll try and get some photos added soon but I’m having issues with my blogger app...

We set up the table to look as awesome as possible - a neat contrast to the shocking state of some of our purchases - then each drew a random objective to complete. The game itself was quite busy with the Balrog munching through pretty much everything on his hit list and the Dwarves being ganged up on by everyone. We ran out of time to get anywhere near finishing the game but it was fun none the less. We’ve set the target of having our armies properly painted by Easter. The original idea was Christmas but given the sheer size of some of the armies, Easter is more realistic.  

I was quite pleased with our random objectives, they’re not groundbreaking but worked well on the table, they are included below so feel free to use them...

1) The Road goes ever on and on...

Your party has no time for hanging around, you have an important quest to fulfil!

Objective: Get your party across the board to the opposite deployment edge.

  • Victory: More than 2/3 of your models exit the board
  • Draw between 1/2 of your models exit the board
  • Defeat: Fewer than 1/3 of your models exit the board

2) There will be no dawn...

Your party is out for vengeance and will stop at nothing to vanquish their hated foe

Objective: Give each enemy player a number then roll a D6. The party must attempt to eliminate the chosen player’s party. Only kills that your party inflicts count towards the success of your objective.

  • Victory: You slay more than 2/3 of the enemy’s models
  • Draw: You slay 1/2 of the enemy party’s models
  • Defeat: You slay fewer than 1/3 of the enemy’s models

3) That still only counts as one!

Your hero is attempting to prove they are the greatest hero in all of Middle Earth by facing down the best the enemy has.

Objective: Nominate a hero in your party that is taking up the challenge, keep track of how many kills that hero achieves in the game. 

  • Victory: Your hero slays 3 or more enemy heroes or more than their points value in Warriors 
  • Draw: Your hero kills 2 enemy heroes or half their points value in Warriors
  • Defeat: Your hero is removed as a casualty, only kills 1 enemy hero or kills less than half their points value in Warriors

4) This day, we fight!

Your party has travelled a long way to reach this land and seek to claim it for themselves

Objective: Your party must secure a strategically vital asset in the centre of the board and defend it from the enemy. nominate 1 piece of terrain in the middle 1/3 of the board to be your objective.

  • Victory: You have more models within 3” of the terrain than the enemy
  • Draw: You have the same number of friendly models as enemy models within 3” of the terrain
  • Defeat: You have fewer models than the enemy within 3” of the terrain

5) If you want him, come and claim him!

An important ambassador is under your protection and must be escorted safely through enemy territory.

Objective: Nominate one model (under 100 points), this model is the ambassador and gains 1 additional fate point. This model must be escorted from the opposite table edge.

  • Victory: The ambassador successfully leaves the board via the opposite table edge
  • Draw: The ambassador is still alive at the end of the game but has not exited the board
  • Defeat: The ambassador is killed

6) They are not for eating...

Your masters have ordered the capture of an important figure, find them and bring them back to your lands.

Objective: You must incapacitate an enemy hero by defeating them in close combat then carry them back to your table edge. Carrying an enemy hero reduces movement by half unless it is being carried by 2 or more models.

  • Victory: The hostage is successfully carried from the board via your table edge
  • Draw: Your party has a hostage but has not been able to carry them off the board
  • Defeat: Your party has no hostages at the end of the game

7) My precioussss...

An item of great personal value has been lost, the owner has traced it back to this location, you must find it...

Each player places an objectives 8” from any table edge and no closer than 8” to another objective. Secretly nominate one hero in your party to be the owner. They must search the objectives for the item. 
At the first objective roll 2D6, on a score of 10+ the item had been found, at the second objective roll 2D6, on a score of 8+ the item had been found. At the third objective roll 2D6, on a score of 6+ the item had been found. At the fourth objective the item is automatically found.

The item has the same rules as the One Ring. Upon finding it, the player must escape the battle from any table edge.

  • Victory: The item is found and the owner escapes
  • Draw: The item is found but the owner does not escape the board
  • Defeat: The owner is killed 

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  1. This sounds amazing! I'd really like to see those paintjobs but I'm also looking forward to easter once they'll be repainted.