Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Frequent readers will know that I have a to-do pile far bigger than I should have. My aim this year is to cut it in half, one way or another. As you mentioned in an earlier post I’m attempting a 365 minis challenge which if I can get anywhere near completing will be a big dent in my to-do pile.

I have tried to structure my pile so I can focus on one army at a time. This is not definitive and I will still paint what takes my fancy but at the moment the plan is:

Jan - Custodes
Feb - Primaris
Mar - Raven Guard
Apr - Aeldari
May - Harlequins
June - Kharadron Overlords
July/August - Ultramarines
Sept - Dark Elves
Oct - Night Lords 
Nov - Tau
Dec - TBC 

I’ve neglected LOTR in this list because that is quite easy to pick up and get on with (no airbrushing) but I want to be quite focussed on the rest of the projects. Similarly,  I don’t necessarily want to finish the backlog for each of these projects but getting something finished would help.

What are your hobby goals for the coming year?

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  1. Seems like a good structure! The question is: will you bea ble to stick to it? I hope so and hope for pictures!
    I almost managed to complete 365 miniatures last year as well and I'll be trying again! Right now I'm deep into battle companies but my Tyranids are standing there as well...