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Edge of the Empire - Lost in Transit

This is a one shot session that can be used as a stand-alone or as a continuation of another story. You will have to adjust the reason as to why the ship is attacked to suit your party. My villain’s motivation was revenge from an earlier mission. You can also sub in weapons and enemies if you don’t have the referenced sourcebooks.

Edge of the Empire  - Lost in Transit (a Kanjiklub adventure)

3 months have passed since the last adventure. Orrupt was as good as his word and the cantina has been fully refurbished to your specifications and at the negotiated price. With refurbishments completed and the punters returning your work on Jakku is done. The Kanjiklub have sent a new team to run the operation and you are being relieved. In the evening you board a Passenger ship bound for Corelia, a modest C3 Small Passenger Starship with only a handful of other passengers onboard.

You have been booked economy but for a fee of ¥1,000 you can upgrade to business class. You can attempt to sneak into business class with a Hard stealth check.
After an hour of flight, the ship performs an emergency drop from hyperspace. The passengers are hurled forward as the gravity generators struggle compensate for the rapid decrease in speed. 

Anyone not sat in their seats takes 2 Strain. 

The pilots come onto the intercom and explain that there is a problem with the hyperdrive and that they are going to investigate. Several minutes later the unmistakable sound of escape pods launching can be heard.

From across the party comlink, the voice of Orrupt, the business man-turned gang servant can be heard... he sounds very, very smug.

“My dear business associates, it’s a shame it has to come to this but clearly there could be no alternative. You tried to make me a slave to your pathetic little organisation and I cannot allow this - bad enough I have had to pretend these last few weeks. I am sorry that I’m not going to be there in person to watch you die but rest assured I am satisfied that you have been dealt with - I hope the sound of my voice is the last thing you ever hear you no-good, Bantha-doo-doo eating fools!”

Red warning lights flash and the soothing voice of ship’s computer comes over the intercom

“Alert, Missiles threat detected, Alert, missile threat detected.”

The doors out of the passenger decks are locked but can be opened (Hard computing to hack, hard mechanics check to rewire)
Access between Economy Class and Business Class is sealed and cannot be accessed.
Players in Business Class can access the flight deck, players in Economy can access engineering.
Hyperdrive is disabled but main engine controls are available. The pilot can perform limited steering and accelerate forwards.
Activating the ship's scanners will reveal a habitable planet nearby. 
If the Party don’t, one of the passengers will and will notify the party. Similarly, if the whole party is in one deck, NPCs will either activate the engines or pilot the ship toward the planet.
If Players take a perception check they will spot a starship holding station on the starboard side

Players have 3 rounds of actions before the Concussion Missiles hit the ship and send it tumbling into the planet’s atmosphere. Players must take a damage check as systems short out and debris falls around them.
(Damage = Hard resilience with 1 red. Despair = d100 Critical)

The ship is caught up in the planet’s gravity well and hurtles towards the surface, the outer hull glows white hot with the friction of re-entry and the cabins are plunged into darkness. Emergency systems try to reduce the speed of descent, many are burnt out but thrusters are able to shallow the angle of descent. From the windows the passengers can see a rapidly approaching carpet of green trees and grey mountains, the automated voice sounds the order:
“Brace for impact.”

The ship crashes into the verdant surface of Coleb V and carves a furrow in the earth 2 miles long, debris is scattered across hundreds of meters and the impact causes tremors that are felt on the far side of the planet.

Crash landing:
Players must pass a Daunting Resilience check with 2 red. A Despair = d100 Critical.
Players who upgraded to business class gain 2 green dice to represent the additional safety features fitted in that cabin.

You pick yourself out of the burning wreckage of the ship and take stock of the situation. It quickly becomes apparent that the almost all of the other passengers were killed in the crash, their charred corpses barely distinguishable from the wreckage. Only a Aquilish and a Human survive. The Aquilish is critically injured and near death, the human is walking wounded. 

Players can spend a destiny point to pull one piece of their gear out of the wreckage.

From the sky come the sound of a descending starship, this one in much more control than the one the party arrived in. It lands in a clearing made in the wake of the crash, the ramp lowers down and a trio of armed figures emerge.

There is enough cover for the party to move around in and not be caught out in the line of sight of the enemy. Every time a player takes cover they must take a Normal Resilience check to represent the sharp and burning wreckage.
The enemy will approach and try to shoot or engage the party in combat.

  • Journeyman Bounty Hunter
  • Minion Group of 2 Apprentice Bounty Hunters

With the battle over, the Human named Elloa emerges from her hiding spot and, with a hesitant look on her soot covered face explains her situation to you.

“Thank you for saving us. My colleague and I are members of the Rebellion tasked with destabilising the Imperial government in this sector. I work undercover as a senior civilian administrator, passing on what information I get and putting long term plans into place to undermine confidence in the Imperial governors. I need to get to my handler to relay some important information, can you help me get there?”

There is nothing left to find in the wreckage, the only obvious option is to commandeer the enemy starship.

The starship is a XXX, grubby and untidy but well equipped and put together. There is nothing particularly interesting to be skimmed from the ship computer other than the fact that ship has a bio encrypted hyperdrive which means it will not engage without a living bio-feed from the Captain, as he is dead, the hyperdrive is essentially useless. The ship can launch but can’t get out system, all other systems appear to be working. 
There is a large cache of weapons in an armoury built into the cargo bay. Inside the party finds the following:  

(See Dangerous Covenants pp42-48)
2 Heavy Blaster pistols
4x OK-98 blaster carbines
2x DH-X Heavy blaster rifles 
1x VX Sidewinder Repeating blaster
2x Z50 Grenade launcher with a crate of 18 mk4 frag grenades and 6 Inferno grenades
1x FC1 Flechette Launcher with 2 Concussion Missiles

There are also sets of webbing and backpacks available as well as 4 sets of mk3 Flak Armour and 1 suit of PX-1 Battlement Powered Armour (DC pp.49)

The ship’s scanners show that there is almost nothing of meaning and value on the planet, the only thing of note is a communications relay station on the other side of the planet. Elloa suggests that she might be able to get a signal out to the Rebellion and that the party could get rescued.

The Comms relay station is built on the summit of a mountain, the Landing pad is located about 500m down the mountain on a plateau. A crude cable car system is used to ferry personnel and supplies up to the relay, it is rusty and pitted with age but still functional and much to your surprise powers on as you approach. There are two cars that run in opposite directions, as one goes up, the other comes down. Each car has a capacity of 8.

The cable car rumbles up the line with a groan of gears and an uncomfortable level of swaying. As it rises above the tree line, the party is rewarded with a splendid view of a lush and green wilderness, the afternoon sun is shining brightly in a clear blue sky, it is all rather idyllic (recover 1 strain) that is until a harrowing screech rips through the air and a blur of dark shapes dart out of the canopy. A flock of large avians swarm over the car, their sharp beaks attempting to break through the metal frame and electro windows.

Use the Mynock profile from the EotE CRB (pp.)
There are 7 Mynocks attacking the car. Depending on the state of the party, the GM can decide how the flock behaves. The cable car will arrive at the relay in 4 turns. The party can hack the cable car to make it go faster and arrive in 2 turns but this is done at a normal computers check with 1 red die. If a Despair is rolled, the cable car stops and must be fixed using a Normal mechanics check. 
The party must turn off the electro-windows in order to fire out of them, this will make them vulnerable to attack.

The cable car arrives at the relay tower, coming to a gentle halt in a large foyer. It is evident from the thick layers of dust and encroaching foliage that the station has been dormant for some time. However, motion sensors activate the lights and various computer terminals wake up as you approach.

Activating a terminal will allow you to access a map of the station. It is a small installation with only a few sections accessible.
  • Foyer (access to cable cars and the rest of the installation)
  • Comms control (control consoles for monitoring and broadcasting signals)
  • Engineering access (to the generators and antenna arrays)
  • Staff facilities (bunk beds, small kitchen/social area and refresher units. A medpack is on the wall in the kitchen and some sealed rations which can be cooked).

Elloa makes her way to the Comms control and broadcasts a distress signal on her secure channel, she returns saying that the signal has been received but not replied to, she suggests we wait and see what happens in the next few hours.

Whatever the party chooses to do next, an alarm sounds from the Comms control station before they leave. It is a priority signal from the Imperial Navy ordering all system traffic to stand down. The scanners then detected the arrival of an Imperial Raider class corvette on a rapid approach to the planet.

Elloa’s eyes widen in shock and she reaches for the Comms log.

“I don’t believe it...I keyed in my encryption wrong and sent out a general signal!” 

A holographic image of an Imperial Officer shimmers into life beside her.

“Rebel scum, your actions are in direct violation of Imperial law and you are to surrender yourself to us immediately.”

How does the party respond?

“I will enjoy handing you over to the Emperor.” He says calmly before the signal terminates.

Elloa sends another signal, double checking the encryption this time. She receives a swift response promising rescue in approximately an hour, they just need to stay alive until then.

The scanners indicate that the party will have about twenty minutes to prepare their defences. If the party don’t reach the conclusion that fortifying the relay station with all the guns on the captured ship, Elloa will suggest it - if the party tries to fly away, Elloa points out that the Rebellion might not find them and they can’t escape from an Imperial Raider without a hyperdrive!

The Imperial Raider arrives and establishes itself in low orbit above the relay station, if the party look up they can see the unmistakable spear-tip silhouette. A cluster of drop capsules launches from its flanks and slam into the landing pad, Imperial forces disembark and form up in an organised fashion before beginning a sweep of the surroundings.

There are 30 enemy soldiers (AoR CRB pp.418-422) made up of the following:
  • 18 Imperial Army Troopers in 6 groups of 3 (minion groups)
  • 6 Jump Stormtroopers in 2 groups of 3 (minion groups with jetpacks)
  • 3 Imperial Army Officers (rivals)
  • 1 Jump Stormtrooper Sergeant (rival with jetpack )
  • 2 Dark Troopers (rival) - optional if the party need a challenge.

The relay station is at extreme range of the landing pad. The Jump Troopers will rapidly close with the party while the Army Troopers will use the cable car. The Dark Troopers deploy from orbit, directly into the relay station towards the end of the encounter.

The Cable Car has an armour of 2 and 5 hull points. The mechanism can be sabotaged but this will only slow it down, not destroy it.

The objective is to survive until support arrives.

An incoming signal from the Comms relay announces the arrival of a Corelian Corvette and a flight of X-wings. The Raider starts taking fire and makes a hasty jump to hyperspace. The X-wings sweep down and open up on the remaining Imperial forces, forcing them to scatter into the jungle whilst the Corvette flies down to hold station by the relay. A rescue party arrive and usher the party into the ship, you are taken to the medical bay where your injuries are treated.

After a short while, Elloa returns with the ship’s Captain who greats you with a nod.

“Thank you for your help protecting our operative, I appreciate you didn’t have much choice but that is by-the-by. We can take you wherever you need to go but equally, having seen your capabilities we can offer you the chance to join the Rebellion...”

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