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Edge of the Empire Campaign - Origins Of Kanjiklub

I’ve set up a long term campaign for our local group about establishing a criminal syndicate. The idea is that players can revisit the setting as and when they wish, try new characters whilst maintaining a coherent narrative. This is the opening session - our party chose a core world orbital hotel as their buying option but the plot hooks at the end are viable for most of the other options...

I have a range of slides with pre-made purchases players can choose if the GM doesn’t want to create their own.

The objective of this campaign is for the party to establish a successful business venture with start-up capital they have 'acquired' from a cargo freighter heist. This business will (hopefully) go on to become the Kanjiklub.

Players will create multiple characters as they go through the campaign but they must also have a Main, who is a partner in the business and must run/organise their side of the business.

Because of the demands that these Main characters will face, it makes sense for them to be strong characters already - as such, they will be created for Notorious Level play. In game terms this means that they have an additional 100 XP to spend on skills (not stats) and talents. They will also have their own ¥200,000 value ship and a rarity 7 equipment set (main, side arm, melee and armour).

For the first mission, the GM will need to also play as the party member who organises this heist but is not present at the time. This is because they will need to Segway the party into mission 2 ‘The Fixer’ before they get carried away…

  • Establish a secure base of operations
  • Set up trade routes and deals
    • Drugs
    • Weapons
    • Exotic goods
    • Trafficking
  • Infiltrate local government and Imperial security services to set up spy networks and corruption
  • Raise your legitimate and underworld profile 

Act 1, Scene 1: The labour of others

The landing pad is bathed in the stark glow of spotlights, a heavy fog, brought in from the polluted seas rolls across the shipyard. Despite the heavy downpour, the crew of about a dozen humanoids and lifter droids continue loading the Wayfarer-class freighter (EOTE CRB264) Saramas, they've been at it for some time but appear to be down to the last few crates. A sentry lies unconscious nearby, one of several that has been dealt with as your party wait for the opportune moment to advance. In a few moments, an ion bomb will detonate and shut down the local power station which in turn will kill the lights and security measures on the landing pad. It will take 3 minutes for the backup generators to kick in - that is your window to either infiltrate or steal the ship.

Useful information:
  • The enemy’s communications have been hacked and you can listen in on their conversations
  • The ship is a Hutt owned-heavy freighter under the command of a Trandoshian mercenary called Fargg - he is a renowned psychopath who has already destroyed two droids since you have been watching.
  • The cargo is unknown but you do know it is worth quite a bit.

Enemy Party:
3 minion groups of human thugs
Rival - Rhodian pilot
Adversary - Trandoshian mercenary

Infiltrate or Fight?
Party will need to take checks to see if they can identify targets in the darkness
Enemy will seek to rush you whilst the pilot will try to take off
Several opportunities for distractions including fuel canisters and a bulk lifter 
Party will need to take checks to see if they can identify targets in the darkness
If the party can sneak past the crew they will find the pilot alone in the cockpit - the rest of the ship is controlled by hard wired droids
Crew will not run away out of fear of the Hutt’s wrath - Fargg has a jet pack and will try and get into close range with his OK98 Blaster Carbine (D9, Crit 3)
As you take off, Fargg will board the ship and try and hunt the party down
Droids will not engage the party

With the ship secured, you jump out of the system. As the ship travels down the hyperspace lanes you go down to the cargo hold and open the crates. Inside you find:
  • ¥1,300,000
  • 40 crates of Spice (4,000 units)
  • 25 crates of Death Sticks (2,500 units)
  • 6 crates of Imperial Blaster rifles (60 units)
  • 5 crates of exotic fruits, herbs and flowers (50 units)
  • 20 crates of strong wine (500 units)
  • 10 crates of engineering power and manual tools (100 units)
  • 4 cases of standard droid components and 3 brand new droids - 2 astromechs and a protocol droid
  • 5 cases of starship parts - hyperdrive motors, fuses, fuel hoses etc

You rendezvous with the GM’s character who tells you they need to go and see the Fixer on Coruscant.

Act 1, Scene 2: 'The Fixer'

You land your ship at one of the main transport terminals, a sky cab is waiting for you as you exit the building. The droid pilot takes you on a winding journey through the highways of the capital.

The Fixer is an elderly Toydarian who has made it his life's business connecting people from across the galaxy, for a price. His base of operations is a modest suite of offices in an upper tier building. His secretary, a rather alluring Falleen female gestures is expecting you and leads you to her boss. He gestures for you to take a seat and asks you to explain the situation.

He scratches his wrinkled trunk in a thoughtful manner then states that for a 5% handling fee he can launder your money as investment dividends and set you up with a legitimate business venture. He also has a number of contacts who could help you to 'grow' your business and distribute your cargo depending on what you want to do.

Secure storage for 1,000 encumbrance
Outer Rim
Core Worlds
Capital World

All property types come in a range of states of repair. Run down business can be bought at a discount, renovated properties will have a premium. The party will need to consider this when making purchases. The state of a venue will play a large role in its ability to generate income as well as its reputation with the authorities. Upgrading a property will cost 25% of the initial cost of the property. Refurbished properties can be further upgraded to Exclusive at a cost of 100% initial Functional price. Exclusive properties can only be found on Core and Capital worlds, they may also be found on Orbitals

Cost Variable
Effect on trade
Effect on Presence
+1 Dark Side Token
-2 Dark Side Tokens

A rundown Canteena is going to be cheep but will also be quite unpleasant and so not draw in many legitimate customers. As a result it won't generate a lot of money and is more likely to draw the attention of the Imperials.

World Type
Alternative Business Opportunities 
Outer Rim
Cheap, helps you to keep a low profile, limited interference from Imperial and regional authorities
Limited potential earnings, high risk of criminal interference
Shortness of supplies/equipment
Mercenary work
Smuggling weapons
Bounty Hunting
Manufacturing illicit goods
Affordable, potential for expansion, solid customer base, reasonable security and peace 
Less affluent customers, limited scope for laundering proceeds, gossip/chatter
Mercenary work
Smuggling goods
Bounty Hunting
Manufacturing illicit goods
Core Worlds
High volume of customers, readily accessible goods and equipment,
Safety and security
Higher levels of scrutiny from the authorities, expensive floor space. Competition from legitimate and criminal enterprises
Mercenary work
Smuggling illicit goods
Bounty Hunting
Corporate espionage
Capital World
Wealthy customer base, almost anything is available given enough time. High earnings potential
Space is at a premium
Extremely expensive set up costs
Oppressive business regulations and rival criminal organisations
Import/export of illicit goods
Bounty Hunter work
Greater security and less interference, higher volume of passing trade
Environmental issues, higher maintenance costs and limited expansion opportunities
Increased levels of smuggling/distribution type work
In game terms, it is up to the GM to dictate the state of affairs on the chosen planet and the opportunities available to the players.

Inspection Events:
As the business empire develops it will eventually come to the attention of official and unofficial organisations such as the Imperials or local crime Lords. This will manifest itself as a Destiny dice roll at the start of the sessions. All members of the party will roll, if the party rolls more Dark Side tokens than Light Side tokens, the GM is able to activate an Inspection Event. During missions the party might inadvertently draw the attention of different groups, this can be played out as set events or factored into the Destiny dice roll with additional Dark Side tokens.

Hotel Plot hooks:
A local politician has died mysteriously at a formal dinner hosted at the hotel - can the party work out who did it before the perpetrators can escape? (Investigation)

A celebrity is found half dead after an overdose of hotel supplied spice - can the party save her life without drawing attention to the incident? (Smuggling)

An Imperial Moff is exerting pressure on you to give him a permanent suite in the hotel, how can you convince him that this is not going to happen (blackmail)

An art exhibition being held by a reputable touring museum is being put on in the hotel but you’ve heard rumours it’s a target for thieves - can the party keep the valuable exhibits safe?

A group of separatists has seized parts of the hotel and is demanding a ransom, can the party free the hostages before anyone is killed?

A bounty hunter is investigating the theft of the Samaras and the trail has lead him to the hotel - can you bluff your way out of this? 

A Bothan Spynet operative wishes to establish a cell in the hotel, do you want to help him?

A Grand Admiral is dining at the restaurant, the Rebel Alliance has put a hefty price on his head, can the party make it look like an accident?

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