Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Edge of the Empire - Rogue 2 Campaign

This campaign represents an alternative take on how the Rebellion acquired the plans for the Second Death Star, it is not in keeping with canon but is an enjoyable experience none the less. The campaign is linear and the GM might need to do some careful steering to keep the party on the right track. The campaign is also quite dangerous - killing a PC is a valid option and they might well die in the end (spoilers - a certain Sith Lord shows up) but try to find some way of keeping them alive as it will be more engaging to take one party through the whole campaign. If you have any questions please let me know, I put a lot of time into this so I hope others will give it a go.

The campaign is broken down into 5 Acts, each is designed to take about 3-4 hours to do. It is recommended that you have a diverse party!

  1. Varrosi Data Vaults
  2. Kuat Drive Yards
  3. Capture of the Suprosa
  4. Kothlis
  5. Spy Net Command Tower
I hope you enjoy Rogue 2.

Opening Act:
Rebel spies attempt to escape from an Imperial data facility with key information about the development of a new Imperial super-weapon. The odds are against them and they probably won’t survive…

The planet Varrosi is located on the periphery of the galactic core, a bleak uninhabited world whose only saving grace is it’s total lack of viable reasons for being there. After the disaster on Scariff and the subsequent loss of it’s super-weapon, the Empire relocated many of it’s data archives to isolated planetoids, using their inaccessibility as a defence and garrisoning them with a minimal Imperial presence in the hopes of avoiding the attention of other spies - nothing says ‘look at me’ quite like miles of curtain walls and a fleet of patrolling Star Destroyers.

Facility 44-239-B is the principle data archive for prototype projects, data from across the Empire collates here to be accessed and reviewed by Imperial High Command. After months of careful planning a team of rebel spies have infiltrated 44-239-B in the hopes of unlocking it’s secrets…

Act 1, Scene 1: Data Core

The vault doors glide open with a hiss of pneumatics and chilled air washes over the rebels as they  step over the threshold. In front of them is a glass panel through which they can see tower after tower of data packs. The access console switches on and loads the operating program. For the moment their entry appears to have gone unnoticed, but for how long that will last none of the team can say for certain…

Comm link buzzes:
“Well done for getting this far, it looks like nobody has noticed your arrival. The files you are looking for are labelled Project Nocturn, you’ll have to hack into the data terminal as my security clearance doesn't cover that tier of secrecy. Zaletta, out.” 

Triumphant Success
Data recovered, disable alarm
Data recovered, no alarm
No data recovered, no alarm - 2 attempts remain before alarm is sounded
No data recovered and alarm is sounded

Act 1, Scene 2: Escape!
With the plans in hand the team must get out of the facility, preferably undetected. The facility is a warren of utilitarian corridors, pale lighting banishes shadows and metal deck plates clatter underfoot. The air is stale with a hint of ozone from the constant recycling process.

The team have to make 4 stealth checks as they move through the facility, difficulty at GM’s discretion. These checks represent patrolling Stormtroopers and are unopposed.

If alarm is not triggered on their journey, they will be spotted by ground crew who are refuelling the ship. The crew will scatter and the alarm will be triggered. There is no way of stopping this.

When the alarm is triggered the following enemies appear after the 1st game turn:
    • 2x Stormtrooper squads
    • 2x Stormtrooper squads every subsequent 4 game turns.

When on the landing pad: 
    • 4x Stormtrooper squads (arrive one per game turn)
    • 1x Stormtrooper Sergeant 
    • 1x ATST - if the alarm sounds then the ATST is active when the party arrive in the hanger, if not turn 2 after the party arrive in the hanger, an Imperial Army trooper will attempt to enter the ATST. This takes one turn as he sprints across the gantry. The Stormtrooper Sergeant may also attempt to pilot the ATST and takes one turn to climb the access ladder and start it up.

Once airborne:
    • 4x TIE Fighters - These are in launch cradles in the hanger and can be knocked out of them by a successful Daunting gunnery check from the 

Once the alarm has sounded the Comm Link buzzes:
“Rankor’s balls, what have you done? Get out of there NOW! I’ll do what I can from here but you’re on your own for now!”

Optional Interactions:

Triumphant Success
Alarm disabled, search called off
Access granted. Available data:
Patrol routes (2x boost to stealth checks)
Ship status (not yet fully fuelled)
Garrison details and official response times
No access granted, no alarm - 2 attempts remain before alarm is sounded
Feedback spike causes 8 damage to user and sets off the alarm

Optional: Disable Comms Array
Located en-route to the hanger is a secure room containing the base’s communication nexus. The door is guarded by two Stormtroopers (1 minion group) who can be called away temporarily by asking Zaletta to re-task them. 

The terminal can either be disabled through a Daunting computers check or destroyed with a Hard mechanics check. As a last resort it can be destroyed through weapons fire in which case the whole system is considered to have 20 hit points and a soak of 3

The Stormtroopers will return to their guard position outside the comms door whilst the party is inside. They will notice the party on successfully passing an Average vigilance check every time the party does something the GM considers to be loud. At this point they will enter to investigate and you should roll for initiative.

Damaging the Comms Array will award the party additional XP

Optional: Damage the Data Hive
The party can attempt to damage the data hive either by shooting through the glass (automatically triggers the alarm unless it has been disabled earlier) or by accessing the ventilation system. There are no access points in the control room but a successful hack of a terminal will reveal that there is a maintenance hatch two corridors away. The corridors will be patrolled. From there any members of the party with silhouette 1 or lower may attempt to crawl through the maintenance vent and damage the data vault in some way (grenades or weapons fire). There is nothing that can cause a total destruction of the data hive but causing any kind of damage will reward the party with additional XP 

Act 1, Scene 3: Landing Pad
The landing pad is a cluttered machine space with a high ceiling and a forcefield protecting the exit from the chemical snowstorms that rage outside. TIE Fighters hang in their cradles, either undergoing inspections or on standby. The Customs Frigate sits idle in it’s landing space, just as they had left it. A refuelling tanker is nearby being tended to by a team of maintenance droids.

The team has several tasks to complete, if they are uncertain at any point, Commander Zaletta will get on the comm link and nudge them in the right direction.

  • Board ship
  • Finish refuelling 
  • Take off
  • Avoid capture/destruction

The only available ship is an Imperial Customs Frigate (Fly Casual) that the party smuggled themselves aboard for this mission. It is facing out towards the force field with it’s aft section pointing at the door the party will enter from. It is Medium Range from all 3 sides of the hanger. The ATST is located on the right hand side of the hanger and all reinforcements will enter from the left hand side. From one side to the other is Long range.

Triumphant Success
Fuel line is secure and refuelling is working at accelerated 90% pressure. Refuelling will be complete in 2 game turns
Fuel line is secure and refuelling is working at Imperial safety standard 60% pressure. Refuelling will be complete in 4 game turns
Fuel line has failed to connect. Ship remains at 20% fuel reserves
Fuel line ruptures and causes 20 damage, pierce 5 to operator. Ship cannot be refuelled with this fuel line (spares are available) and remains at 20% fuel reserves

The fuel line has a Soak of 4 and 2 HP, will ignite automatically if it is caught in any kind of explosion or blast radius. If it ignites with in short range of a PC, they take 20D @P5

Whenever the team decides to take off, they must take an average piloting check and are immediately engaged by any remaining Tie Fighters that were not destroyed by gunnery fire. If the Frigate has a full tank of fuel they can attempt to engage the fighters, if not they run the risk of being unable to jump to hyperspace and must hope to make it to the jump point before they are shot down. They need to survive 6 turns of combat in order to reach the jump point.

If it looks like the team aren’t going to make it, a Corellian Corvette will appear from hyperspace to receive a transmission of the plans. The shuttle’s escape pods malfunction and will not be fixed before the ship is destroyed.

If the party is able to escape with the data on Project Nocturn they receive 15XP, they receive an additional 5XP for each bonus objective completed.Act 2 Opening Scene:

Note - If the party survives their escape from Varrosi they may continue the campaign, if not then old characters may be used or new ones generated with a 50XP boost and 1,000 credits.

The party have been recruited by various means to undertake a scouting mission on behalf of the Bothan Spynet. They have been given coordinates and a meeting time on the planet Kuat and a receipt for an order of engine components.

Additional Information:
Kuat is the fourth planet located in the Kuat system of the Kuat sector in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. It is a green terrestrial world orbited by two moons named Bador and Ronay. Kuat had standard gravity and a breathable atmosphere, and at 10,000 kilometers in diameter is considered a small planet.
The surface of Kuat has three continents and scattered islands, and most of the world's terrain consisted of lush forests, rolling green plains, and carefully-groomed gardens. Despite it’s temperate nature Kuat is considered an industrial world and centre of manufacturing that plays a significant role in galactic shipbuilding, Kuat was the home of Kuat Drive Yards, whose shipyards and construction facilities were the most prominent feature of Kuat, encircling the planet in the shape of a large ring. 
Despite the best efforts of the Empire to seize the Kuat Drive Yards they have been singularly unsuccessful due in part to the KDYs vast resources and reputation across the galaxy, instead the have settled for ‘priority ordering’ and KDY are now principally involved in the production of Star Destroyer and TIE engines.

As your ship enters atmosphere a transponder signal activates and guides you to one of the few significant urban centres. After an uneventful landing and passage through customs (where you are reminded to leave all weapons onboard your ship) you take a private transport skimmer to the address, a KDY equipment depot on the periphery of the commercial sector.  As you step out of the speeder you notice a dozen or so Humanoids of various shapes and sizes in pale blue coveralls are moving around getting on with work and there is a short line of customers queuing outside.

The Warehouse is an imposing building with a shop front and a large roller door to the front. It has a high curtain fence with electro wire along the top surrounding the rear staging area, although you cannot see into it, the space would appear to be big enough to land a fair-sized cargo ship. There are no obvious hacking points and plenty of security cameras. There don’t appear to be any armed guards.
Inside is a series of data terminals with the stock catalogue loaded. A collection of humanoids and droids are browsing and placing their orders. At the end of the room is a desk and collection point.
When the party enters they are met by one of the shop clerks, a pale red toned Toydarion female by the name of Meresk.

“What you want? You want to buy? We sell only best ship parts in the galaxy. You’d best buy, no time wasters here. Or have you come collect order?”

Once the party gives her the receipt she flies off and returns with a small package.

“The boss says he wants talk to you. This way”

She gestures for you to pass through a door marked ‘Employees Only’. Through it is a standard looking, if somewhat dated set of offices and archive rooms. A long glass panel shows a warehouse full of stocked shelves, crates and containers of various shapes and sizes. Droids on fixed rails glide up and down collecting and packaging orders. A pale furred Bothan with sharp eyes wearing dark blue coveralls steps out of an office and gestures for them to follow him through a door locked with a swipe card. Inside is a small box room with a stack of cleaning equipment. As you step inside he shuts the door behind him, produces  another swipe card and runs it through a slight gap in-between two of the wooden panels that line the room. A slight jarring motion takes place as the hidden room begins to descend.

At the bottom of the shaft, the door opens again into a much more technically sophisticated room, panelled with black ceramic tiles and filled with compact data engines. On one side of the room is a weapons rack with a pair of Imperial blasters and a matched set of light blaster pistols. The Bothan takes a seat behind a desk and gestures for the team to sit.

“So you’re the guys they’ve sent for this…great. Do you know why you’re here?”

Mission Briefing:
“The plans you recovered on Varrosi were for a new Imperial super-weapon, it’s known as Project Nocturn and we have reason to believe that it is the code name for the new Death Star. However, we are unable to say for certain because the data pack is encrypted to such a high degree that we are unable to process it. We’ve only seen this type of technology once before, it is literally unbreakable and can only be accessed when it is inserted into a specific physical computer terminal.
We are working on finding out it’s location but it will take time. In the interim we have a mission for you. Kuat Drive Yards are currently producing a massive hyperdrive engine, it is top-secret, droids are putting it together, minimal physical presence. It is being assembled off-world and we don’t know where. What we do know is how it is being conveyed to it’s destination. An Imperial convoy collects the containers every month. It is heavily protected once they leave the system, Star Destroyers, Gozanti carriers, the works. But it is vulnerable whilst it is still in the drive yard. What we need from you is to install a tracking beacon onto the cargo ship whilst the loading is taking place.”

    • “We can give you clearance to get into the orbital yards but you’ll have to hack your way into the secure sections.”
    • “You have two obvious options, infiltrate the facility or attempt to board the cargo ship as it sits in the loading dock.”
    • “The KDY will stop you and not be nice about it if they catch you sneaking around. Their neutrality is the only thing keeping the Empire at bay so won’t hesitate to turn you over to them if the nature of your mission is discovered.” 
    • “We can outfit you with pretty much whatever you need, just let us know.” (1xR for the party and L6 rarity, 1x short range comms jammer will also be issued). He gives you a password for the catalogue terminals upstairs that will allow you to access their 'alternative' catalogue.

ID badges, uniform and tools will be supplied
Space suits and thruster packs are available
This data pack will give you information on the layout of the Drive Yards, familiarise yourself with it.
You will need to hijack a KDY patrol craft (A-wings) as any civilian ship entering the docking yards will trigger the alarm.
A transport shuttle will depart in the morning to take you up to the Drive Yards. I suggest you return to your ship and prepare yourselves. Remember there is a security checkpoint that will bar your passage if they find any weapons on you
The transponder beacon will need to be welded to the hull to prevent it slipping off were the ship to perform an electro magnetic purge. A plasma torch will need to be procured.

Infiltration Pathway:
  1. Board transport shuttle - The terminal platform is busy with KDY employees of all shapes, colours and sizes but all wearing the same grey coveralls. As the shuttle pulls into the terminal people form a queue to pass through the security gate and board. When the party get to the gate they are addressed by a bored Rhodian guard: 

“Greetings KDY employees, please remove any metallic items and place them in the trays, it is my duty to remind you that no weapons or contraband may be brought on to KDY property. Do you wish to declare that you have in your possession any prohibited items?"

Triumphant Success
Weapon smuggled successfully, 
Weapon successfully smuggled
Weapon detected by scanner but not yet found, asked to return to the back of the queue
Alarm sounds, you are barred from boarding the shuttle and arrested
  1. Cross through the dock yards: the Dock Yards are brightly lit, well maintained and extremely busy. Signs are everywhere pointing people towards various sections of the Drive Yard, 
  1. If party does anything untoward they are challenged by overseers, Average charm checks

"You there, what are you playing at?"

Triumphant Success
Guards get called to a disturbance and leave you alone for the next hour
"Well get on with where you're supposed to be going."
Points you towards the location of your work sector. You will have to pass a hard stealth check to sneak past them in future 
The overseer recognises the names on your docket and realises that you are imposters, he orders your arrest.

  1. Options to get through the Tier 1 security doors:
  1. Security Terminal hack

Triumphant Success
Access granted, additional data on the construction processes of the secret hyperdrive unit. +5XP
Access granted. Available data:
Security clearances
Cargo and ship manifests
Departure schedules
No access granted, no alarm - 2 attempts remain before alarm is sounded
Feedback spike causes 8 damage to user and sets off the alarm
  1. Breach doors - Armour 5, will set off the alarm.
  2. Retrieve access card from Inspector Leejk Maro, a burly Twilik who is responsible for KDY’s Tier 1 security.
    1. Options:

Triumphant Success
Gives you security pass and code for security terminal
Gives you the security card but tells you he will have to set the alarm off in 20 minutes or he’ll loose his job. Party must now rough him up.
Dismisses your threats, one more attempt available before he attacks you. If he is still conscious after 2 rounds of combat he attempts to flee and raise the alsrm
Attacks you and sets off the alarm

Triumphant Success
Successfully lifts the card from Leejk Maro's belt as well as his credit wallet attached to it. +500 credits
Successfully lifts the card from Leejk Maro's belt
Your attempt fails, he tells you to get out of his way and starts to walk off.
He catches you red handed and  attempts to restrain you.

If the party opts to subdue him or Leejk Maro engages the party he has a rival profile of an Imperial Officer. Leejk Maro will attempt to flee after the second round of any combat and if not caught will escape through a security door in two further rounds. If he escapes he will set off the alarm.

  1. Locate correct cargo containers:
  1. Hack data terminal for manifest

Triumphant Success
Access granted, additional data on the construction processes of the secret hyperdrive unit. +5XP
Access granted. Available data:
Security clearances
Cargo and ship manifests
Departure schedules
No access granted, no alarm - 3 attempts remain before terminal locks you out
Feedback spike causes 8 damage to user and sets off an alarm
    1. Gain the information from a worker droid - if left ‘on’ the droid will report to an overseer and alert them to the party’s presence, unless they have Leejk’s security clearance card.

Triumphant Success
Droid agrees to show you the way to the containers
Droid gives you the location of the containers
Droid is unsure and asks you to repeat the question - 2 more attempts before despair result
Reports into command and alerts them of unauthorised presence

  1. Install tracking beacon - after making their way to the cargo storage facility the party follows the meticulously catalogued manifest to a set of large black cargo containers that are welded shut. Installing the tracking beacon involves an average mechanics check.
  1. Discovery!

Boarding Pathway:
  1. KDY Patrol base
    1. Spynet will provide the base's location, a visitors' pass and some ‘sensitive’ information that can be used to blackmail the base commander Judf Huron. You will need to procure a plasma torch to fuse the transponder beacon to the hull of the cargo ship.

The patrol yard is a significant military grade installation with armoured walls and a heavy security presence. Armed KDY personnel guard the entrance ways and probe droids patrol the perimeter. Your diver stops just short of the main gate.

You are taken straight through the reception and into an adjacent waiting room where a service droid offers you some refreshments. After a short wait, a dark skinned human in a crisp black uniform emblazoned with the KDY logo walks in.

"Welcome sirs, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Judf Huron, commanding officer of this facility. Forgive my ignorance but my superiors told me of your visit but not why you are visiting. Would you care to enlighten me?"

"Would you care for a tour of our facility?"

"We are responsible for the external security of the Drive Yards, we fly regular orbital sorties both in-system and at the hyperspace point. In addition we have a state of the art training facilities that mean our pilots are the equal of any Imperial pilot in the Galaxy."

"Our pilots fly two types of KDY's own R-22 Spearhead fighter (use A-wing profile pp.266 AOR CRB), the standard interceptor and a modified command fighter (Handling -1 of standard), they have been custom built as two seater patrol craft with enhanced sensors and computation equipment. These unique ships allow the pilot to focus on his job whilst the flight technician is able to perform detailed scans and analyse the data in real time."

The R22 Spearhead fighters are sleek, arrowhead shaped fighters with a bulbous cockpit and two laser cannons on the end of short, fin-like wings. A pair of powerful engines provide fantastic levels of thrust and manoeuvrability.

  1. Steal/procure patrol craft
  1. Can attempt to incapacitate Judf as they walk past the fighter bay or use daunting Stealth checks to slip away. and hacking into hanger, disable ship transponders to avoid alerting the KDY of an unauthorised patrol or…
  2. Blackmail the commander into giving you access to them

Judf Huron - use NPC profile for Imperial Officer

The party need to persuade Judf to give them access to the R22s and a valid flight authorisation. This can be done through coercion, charm or intimidation checks using the blackmail file. 

Triumphant Success
Gives you the fighters and the call signs to respond to security hails
Gives you access to the fighters but will report them stolen if anyone notices they are missing
Dismisses your threats, one more attempt available before he threatens to report you to the authorities
Rejects your offer and attacks you, calling for the guards

If the fighters are successfully obtained, move on. Otherwise move onto the Infiltration pathway.

  1. Fly to the KDY
  1. Average piloting checks to fly the fighters to the Drive Yards. If pilots start fluffing their checks they may be hailed by the defence grid. If they keep fluffing them they will put under closer scrutiny and forced to flee/return to base or fight.

The Drive Yards form an immense ring orbiting the equator of the planet Kuat. Several Kilometres thick in places it is able to construct everything from massive starships to tiny engine components. There are over two thousand docking bays of various sizes throughout the Drive Yards extruding from the orbital ring like the rib cages of Rancors. As the fighters enter the orbital ring's perimeter the are hailed by the defence grid control.

"Attention unknown contacts, this is KDY Defence Grid Command, there are no scheduled flight plans in this sector, hold station and state your business."

Triumphant Success
"Clearance acknowledged, please proceed along defined patrol route."
Boost to all subsequent hailed from the defence grid
"Clearance acknowledged, please proceed along defined patrol route."
"Contact, please repeat call sign and patrol number for verification." 1 attempt remaining before you are threatened with engagement
Requests confirmation from commander and unless you blackmailed him they engage you in 2 turns using the Turbolaser weapon profile

  1. Locate correct docking bay
  1. Provided they refer to the data pad given to them by this will be an Average perception, if not, a Hard check

  1. Zero-G across to the cargo freighter.
  1. As the party stops, they are hailed by DGC and asked for an update. Average

Triumphant Success
"Acknowledged, let us know of you require assistance, Command out."
"Acknowledged, do you require assistance?"
"Negative patrol, you are drifting into a secure section, standby for recovery team. ETA 30 minutes
"Negative patrol, you are drifting into a secure section, standby for recovery team. ETA 15 minutes

    1. Average/hard coordination and athletics checks to use the thruster packs to get onto the cargo frigate.

Triumphant Success
Gives you security pass and code for security terminal
Successfully ‘fly’ to the hull of the freighter
Crash into the hull of the freighter, take 5 fall damage, try again
Smashes into the hull, take 10 fall damage and breaches your flight suit

  1. Install transponder
    1. Hard mechanics check, takes 5 turns (5 minutes). Failures will require extra turns and players may run out of air. If a Despair is rolled then a team of Imperial Stormtroopers in void armour (2 minions and a sergeant) emerge to find out what all the racket is all about and will engage the team.
  1. Return to the patrol craft
    1. Once the beacon is installed (or not) they must return to their waiting R22s before the freighter departs or the recovery crews arrive. If any party member is injured, this becomes a daunting piloting check
    2. Once they have returned they may choose to return or steal the fighters. If they do steal them they will have a bounty on their heads.

Act 3 Pathway:
Meet contact
Bounty hunter engagement
Rendezvous with fleet
Engage and board the Suprosa
Recover data engine
Return to ship

Act 3 Preamble:
After the successful installation of the transponder beacon, the Bothan Spynet has established the location of the hyperdrive construction facility in the Mustaffa system. Their reconnaissance has indicated that this is not the final construction site and they are now working hard to find out the final location of Project Nocturn. In the meantime the Spynet has identified the location of the data engine needed to read the data file you stole at Varossi. You are to meet with a Spynet contact at Nar Shaddaa, retrieve the information and bring it to an Alliance intelligence cell operating out of the Kiavahr asteroid belt. 

Act 3, Scene 1
Several hours ago you received a coded data burst from the Bothan operative. The message was garbled but you received an address, apartment 886-22B in the Galos district. 

By the standards of the rest of the galaxy, the Galos district is a wretched cesspit of lowlives, thieves and degenerates but by the standards of Nar Shaddaa it is a middle class suburb. The apartment is located high up amongst the vertical tower blocks, the stench of the under-city is not quite so foul here and on a few nights of the year the pollution thins enough to see the faint glimmer of stars. The party exits the turbolift and steps out into a grimy hallway lit with flickering lumen strips that cast the scene in a sickly pallor.

Average perception check:
  • Amongst the scatterings of litter there is a noticeable trail of blood on the floor leading from about halfway down the hallway to the front of apartment 886-22B
  • Around the edges of the turbolift doors and sporadically around the hallway you see the unmistakable signs of blaster fire.
  • The door to apartment 886-22B has been breached with a thermic charge. The door had been professionally reinforced but it had not been enough.

Inside the apartment a fight of some magnitude had clearly taken place. You step over the charred corpse of a Rhodian in the entrance way, the body had been flash cooked from a booby-trapped flamethrower in the ceiling. Further into the main living space, a heavy set Trandoshan is slumped over the back of a couch, his chest cored through by a devastating shot and a human with a cybernetic arm and not much of a face lies crumpled in a heap in the middle of the kitchen floor.

There is a trail of blood leading to a closed door at the back of the living space.

If the party knocks, the disruptor pistol cause 5 damage, viscous 2 to the person in front of the door as the charge pass through the metal of the door, if they just open the door without knocking the first member through takes 10 damage, viscous 4.

A cry of pain comes from inside the bathroom followed by the clatter of a weapon falling to the floor. Inside is a Bothan male, he is bleeding freely from a number of serious wounds in his chest and legs. A stim pack lies spent on the ground and a synth-skin is badly applied to his neck. He clumsily reaches for the disruptor pistol but can’t quite make it, he tries to stand but fails. Instead he sighs heavily and closes his eyes.

“Get it over with you steaming pool of Bantha piss.”

“Ah, you’re with the Net…fine, help me up.”

He gestures for you to carry him into his sleeping quarters. “There’s a medkit in the cupboard, I’ve dosed over on stim packs so I hope one of you knows some how to use it.”

Triumphant Success
Able to stabilise the Bothan for the time being, he is able to be moved
Healed X number of wounds but is in no fit state to be moved.
1/2 of the resources in the medkit are used up
You cause an additional critical at +50

“The computer you’re looking for is onboard an Imperial Vigil-class starship called the Suprosa, it jumps from system to system at random, until it’s summoned by Imperial Command.” He coughs up a thick mouthful of blood and groans. 
“The Suprosa is meeting with a resupply ship in 6 days, it’s somewhere in the north eastern part of the Outer Rim, we can’t track the Suprosa but we have tracked the supply ship. The coordinates will be sent out as soon as the ship translates in from Hyperspace, you’ll have about eight hours to steal the computer.”

The Bothan takes off his wrist pad and hands it to you. 

“When the time comes, the information will be sent to this. Get to that ship or this will all be for nothing. There is an Alliance cell operating in the Kiavahr asteroid belt not far from here, when you get there, broadcast the identification code on the data pad and you will be picked up.”

If you rolled a Triumph on the medical check the Bothan asks to come with you, if not he refuses your requests and chooses to remain in his apartment. He closes his eyes and falls into a deep sleep, he dies soon after.

If he survives, use the Bothan Spy profile but with 3 Health and 4 Strain remaining. He also has the  Crippled, Maimed, Winded and Compromised critical effects. He is unarmed and wearing heavy clothing.

The party descends to street level using the same turbolift they arrived in, it's a long way down...through pollution stained glass the garish lights of the Vertical City twinkle and flash, promising things that will never be delivered. Traffic is everywhere and the antithesis of the ordered flows over Corruscant, the sound of alarms and sirens echoes around the impossibly tall buildings, there are few places in the Galaxy as frenetic as this. The turbolift finally reaches the foyer of the habitation block, its doors open you find yourself face to face with a heavily armed and angry Zabrak.

If the Bothan is with you:
"What the-"
Roll for initiative. 
The foyer is a narrow hallway opening up onto the street. There is no usable cover and is short range from end to end. You are currently at close range.

If not:
"What are you lookin' at?" He snarls, the crude tattoos on his face bunching together as he scowls and pushes past you. As you step outside you realise that your transport has departed without you. Before the party can decide what to do they are engaged by the Zabrak. (Use Journeyman bounty hunter profile.) if the party ordered a transport, it will arrive in five turns and they can attempt to flee on it, alternatively they may attempt to hijack a transport and flee on that.

Act 3, Scene 2: Kiavahr Asteroid Belt

Your ship exits hyperspace on the edge of the renowned Kiavahr asteroid belt. Stretching for almost a million kilometres end to end and with a girth of several thousand it is an imposing formation and the perfect place to hide.

Your broadcast goes out into the aether and there is a long delay in response. When it does come, the response takes the form of a squadron of X-wings that screams out of the asteroid belt and locks on to your ship.

"This is Falcon Leader, identify yourself."
Party response
"Standby, any attempts to move will be met with force."
Party response

A moment later a Corellian Corvette in blue and white livery emerges from hyperspace and hails your ship.

"I am captain Needara of the Sentience, with whom am I speaking?"

The voice belongs to an amber hued Togruta, her horns and montrals are tinted green with black swirls. She wears the khaki uniform of a rebellion officer, her rank patch prominent on her breast pocket.

"Greetings friends of the Rebellion. Falcon squadron tells me that you have some important information for us, please dock your ship with ours so we might meet in person."

The Sentience, unlike the pristine white surfaces of other Corvettes has been outfitted for war. Weapons racks and damage repair equipment is stationed at regular intervals, the crew are battle hardened and have a stern look about them. You are escorted from the airlock by a junior officer, his khaki uniform is crisp and unblemished. 

"This way gentlemen, the captain is waiting for you in the ready room."

True to his word Captain Needara is waiting in the ready room with a cadre of senior officers, pilots and a roguish character in civilian clothing who stands apart in the corner.

"Gentlemen, thank you for meeting with us, we understand that you have gone to great lengths to retrieve this information, we hope that we can now play our part in making use of it. Tell us, what you have learned."

The crew listen intently as you tell your tale, a few take notes but most stay grim faced, absorbing the information. 

"This is an encouraging development and we must act upon it. Captain Tarvik, what assets would you need to disable a Vigil light cruiser for boarding?

"Some ion blasts should do it, they can stop a Victory in its tracks, a light cruiser should pose no problems, our X-wings can't carry them though, we'll have to call up Gold flight or Dagger squadron from command."

"Very good, make the call. The Imperials will not surrender without a fight, once the Suprosa is dead in space we will still have to secure it. Mr Rendar here will lead the boarding party," she says indicating the man in the corner who nods and lights up a lo-stick. Needara turns to address the party. Directly "you have done the Rebellion a great service, and for that we thank you, but for the sake of the Galaxy we would ask that you assist in this endeavour, your ship and your skills will be a vital asset in securing the data engine."

Logistics are discussed and an operational plan is put together over the next few hours. After the meeting ends and the crew return to their duties, the man referred to as 'Mr. Rendar' walks up and gives your party the once over.
"Names' Dash Rendar, you've probably heard of me." He says casually running his hand through his hair.

Hard Knowledge Underworld check

"Whatever, listen the Alliance is only paying me when the computer is in their possession. Now, if there's one thing I like it's getting paid so don't screw this up or I'll be chasing you up for the tab. I've done some digging into your background, I read the mission report from Varossi, that was nice work. You know how to handle yourselves which is good, because I don't have time to babysit. That said, your gear looks a little...underwhelming, come with me to the armoury and we'll get you kitted out. Also, you'll need a call sign - you can't have 'Outrider', that's mine but otherwise you can pick what you want."

Available Equipment:
    • 5x blaster rifles
    • 3x blaster carbines
    • 3x Heavy Blaster Pistols
    • 1x heavy blaster rifle
    • 10x frag grenades
    • 10x stun grenades
    • 5x combat knives
    • 2x breaching charges
    • 40x stim packs
    • 2x medkits 
The party can also be equipped with webbing, backpacks and either padded armour or armoured clothing.

"The ground crew for Falcon flight have a few spare parts kicking about, because of the demands of the mission they have agreed to upgrade your ship for free."

Choose one from:
    • 1x Concussion missile tube 
    • Advanced targeting array
    • Reinforced shield generator

The party are able to purchase the other upgrades from the Alliance or negotiate them as part of their payment deal with a Hard Charm check on Captain Needara

It's a tense few days as the fleet waits for the coordinates to be relayed through the Spynet but eventually, the Bothan's wrist unit lights up and the information is delivered. The crew goes to action stations, the soldiers board their transports and the pilots man their fighters. Your party is to arrive in the second wave to ambush the light Cruiser when it emerges from hyperspace. From your positions aboard your own ship you watch the dozen X-wings of Falcon Squadron and the six B-wings of Dagger squadron lock their S-foils and enter hyperspace. 5 minutes later your order to launch is given.

Engagement Phase 1: Neutralise the supply ship
Your party emerges from hyperspace just as Falcon squadron (AOR CRB pp.267) and Dagger squadron (AOR CRB pp.269) finish disabling the supply ship and are mopping up its TIE Fighter escort. There are 2 TIE Fighters (AOR CRB pp.270) in range for you to engage.

If the party is able to 'one-shot' a fighter they receive praise from Falcon Leader and a boost to their next piloting or gunnery check.

Engagement Phase 2: Board the enemy ship
Your scanners detect a significant ship emerging from hyperspace. The Sentience broadcasts a general hail to the fleet. Captain Needara sounds concerned...

"Attention all wings, the inbound ship is a Vindicator Heavy Cruiser, the Sentience can only jam their transmissions for a short time so you'll have act fast. The plan stands but it's going to be a lot tougher than we thought, may the force be with us all."

In an instant your view screen is filled with the immense bulk of a Vindicator, it bares a similar design aesthetic to the Victory and Imperial class star destroyers but slightly smaller and without the imposing command tower.

"Not a problem" Falcon Leader laughs over the comlink, "that thing looks like a Victory that shrunk in the wash!

The Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser (AOR CRB pp.280) immediately dumps its full compliment of 20 TIE Fighters and 4 TIE Bombers (AOR CRB pp.272) that engage the fleet.

"CALL SIGN, either engage those fighters or attack the cruiser, either way we need to clear the way for Dagger Squadron. Good hunting, Falcon Leader out."

Provided that the party can destroy 6 TIE Fighters, or do we 10 points of damage to the Vindicator the B-wings will be able to make a successful bombing run and disable the Vindicator with their ion torpedoes. When this is complete the Alliance troops will arrive from hyperspace onboard a squadron of YV-929 transports (AOR CRB pp.275) escorted by Dash Rendar aboard his YT-2400 Outrider (EOTE CRB pp.270 with +1 to the states handling profile). They will grapple onto the hull of the Cruiser and board through the breached air locks. The party can board the ship in one of two ways, either in through the flight deck (Average piloting) or by docking with an airlock (hard piloting)

Optional Task: The party have to stop 2 of the TIE Bombers from attacking the Sentience (DP20 Gunship, EOTE CRB pp.265)

Act 3 Scene 3:
Once the party are onboard they will receive a hail from Dash Rendar

"CALL SIGN, the schematics we studied for the Vigil are useless so you'll have to head to one of the command and control stations, either the Bridge, the Secondary Bridge or the Ops Room. From their you should be able to access the schematics for this ship and locate the data engine. If you get stuck, call for back up."

Once the team have secured the respective command room they can either hack a terminal (Hard Computers) or Coerce (Average) a subdued Rival/Nemesis level enemy. These enemies will yield once they get to below 5 health.

From this information they will know the location of all of the other key locations on the ship. The party can visit as many of these as they wish to earn additional XP (5 points per location secured) but should ultimately arrive at the Storage bays. The computer terminal is in Storage Bay 3 which either a daunting computers check to hack open or will need to be breached (Armour 5). At this point Dash Rendar will arrive with a SpecForce trooper (with a breaching charge) to support you.

% chance of enemy
Perimeter corridor 
Light, support struts on either side of corridor
Location of air locks/escape pods
Inner corridors
Light, support struts and crates. Blast doors
Used to navigate from location to location
Command deck
Medium; consoles, command stations etc
Imperial Moff (Nemesis)
Hanger bay
Medium; crates, loading gear, maintenance equipment etc
Use 'Imperial Pilot' minions instead of Stormtroopers
Ops room
Medium; consoles, rows of seats etc
Imperial Intelligence Agent (Rival)
Secondary bridge
Medium; consoles, command stations etc
Imperial Intelligence Agent (Rival)
Light; tables, lockers etc
Auto heavy repeating blaster turret guarding (soak 4, 8HP) (Hackable w/Hard Computers check IF party spends a Destiny point to access a control panel in the corridor)
Thermal detonators, Frag grenades, Blaster Rifles and reloads can be unlocked with a Hard computers hack
Crew quarters
Light; recesses, bunks, lockers etc
Minions have no ranged weapons or bonus soak.
Medkit can be found along with 1,000 credits scattered about
Mess hall
Light; tables, lockers etc
Minions have no ranged weapons or bonus soak.
Medkit can be found 
Hyperdrive reactor
Heavy; equipment, pipe work etc
Imperial Intelligence Agent (Rival)
Medical Bay
Medical droid
Fire control
Medium; consoles, rows of seats etc
Imperial Intelligence Agent (Rival)
Storage bay 1
Medium; storage crates
Additional Medical supplies
Storage bay 2
Medium; storage crates
Additional ammunition supplies
Storage bay 3
Emperor's Hand (Nemesis)

Moving from location to location takes between 1 and 3 corridors according to the whims of the GM.

Generating Adversaries:
Depending on the location, a number of dice will need to be rolled to determine who and what is defending a particular part of the ship. Players will first roll a D100 and compare it with the % chance of the location. If they roll under the % they have been engaged.

To work out what the party is engaged by, the GM rolls a number of purple and red dice, the scores randomly generate the enemy party.

    • Every Failure = 1 Stormtrooper minion
    • Every Threat = 1 Imperial Army Trooper minion
    • Each Despair = 1 Stormtrooper Sergeant rival or an Imperial Officer rival if its in a command or technical location).

It is up for the GM to decide how many dice are rolled in a given situation though recommendations have been given in the relevant table. Note that some rooms have stated enemies that will always be present, the adversary roll only generates their support.

If a blank result is rolled, the enemy are in retreat. The party may make one shooting attack each at a pair of Stormtroopers before they flee.

Generating Reinforcements:
The party can call for reinforcements if they find themselves in difficulty, however this is a limited dice pool that, once exhausted, cannot be replenished.
It takes 2 turns for reinforcements to arrive once they have been called. It is a standard Action to call for reinforcements. Any member of the party with a secure comlink make make the call.

    • Every Success = 1 Alliance SpecForce Infiltrator
    • Every Advantages = speed up the arrival of reinforcements by a turn or 1 Alliance Infantryman.

A Triumph will see the intervention of Dash Rendar himself (Use Rebel Cell Leader Profile). Multiple triumphs are counted as additional successes, not additional Dash Rendars...

The Alliance have a usable dice pool of:
    • 4 Yellow
    • 10 Green 
    • 10 Blue

A maximum of 3 Dice can be rolled per engagement with a maximum of 2 from each colour.

Every SpecForce member that is killed results in the removal of a Green dice. Any Alliance Infantrymen killed results in the removal of a Blue dice. Dash will not be killed but he will retreat if he gets below half health, if this happens remove a Yellow dice from the pool. Damage to friendly NPCs is not carried over from engagement to engagement (assume they use Stim packs etc to keep themselves going). Enemies should split their fire between the party and any reinforcements arrive.

Act 3, Scene 4: Inside Storage Bay 3

As the party enters Storage Bay 3 the only light present is the pale glow of a monitor at the far end of an otherwise seemingly empty room. The party's footsteps echo ominously around the large space as they move through it.

After inspecting the data engine the party realise that it is held behind a stasis field that is only deactivated with a biometric key. 

There are no other points of interest.

After the party have finished exploring the Spec Force trooper starts to scream in terror

"Get them off of me!" He cries as he drops his weapon and frantically starts swiping at his clothes. "Please, somebody help! Get them off GET THEM OFF!" Despite his protestations, there doesn't appear to be anything on him at all..."No! NO! You'll never take me alive!" He shouts defiantly before shooting himself in the head with his blaster pistol.

As the trooper's body slumps to the floor the lights turn on, the party is blinded (upgrade difficulty of next action) for one turn as their eyes adjust from the darkness. A figure, hooded and cloaked in black is standing in front of the data engine.

"You should not be here you Rebel scum." He rasps, his voice is wet and thick with menace. Whatever the party's verbal response he replies with "It matters not, you will all be dead in a few moments." Before attaching Dash Rendar, knocking him unconscious.

Boss Battle:
Emperor's Hand vs. Party and Dash Rendar

If the party are struggling to defeat the Emperor's Hand, Dash Rendar can regain consciousness and help. They cannot call for other reinforcements as their comlink is being jammed.

Once the party have defeated the Emperor's Hand, he drops his weapons and collapses onto the floor. they will find the key card to deactivate the stasis field in his robes. The data engine is on a tracked conveyor and must be pushed to an airlock. As the party pushes the data engine out of the room, the Emperor's Hand calls out to you.
"You may have beaten me but you will still fail! You will all die, if not today then soon. The Emperor will crush your pitiful rebellion the and Dark side will rule this galaxy until the stars grew cold!

He reaches into his robe and pulls out a detonator. He depresses the switch and a distant rumble and tremor sweeps through the ship. Immediately the comlink buzzes and one of the SpecForce operatives gives an urgent warning.
"All Alliance forces, the hyperdrive reactor just blew and looks like it's going critical. We need to evacuate the ship immediately, return to your transports and get out!

The triumphant laughter of the Emperor's Hand follows you as you leave the Storage Bay. 

The party needs to move towards the Airlock where an Alliance ship is waiting It is an Average Athletics check to guide the conveyor. The party must travel through four Inner Corridors and one Perimeter Corridor to get to the airlock.  Or three Inner Corridors and the Hanger to return to their ship. At this point the chance of enemy engagements is reduced by 1/2 of the stated % for every corridor they pass through. If the party try to go for their ship, they receive a hail.
"CALLSIGN, where are you going? Wait, you're flying in the wrong direction!" It turns out that your ship has been stolen by Imperial crew and it makes a break for hyperspace before it can be stopped. They now have only one way off the Serposa.

As the party travels through each section there is a chance of the party being hurt as the ship starts to tear itself apart (falling beams, exploding pipes etc). Roll 1 red die for each member of the party (not Dash), on a Despair they take a D100 critical injury at no modifiers. 

Once the party return to the Sentience it jumps into hyperspace with the surviving elements of the fleet just as the Serposa explodes.

As the Sentience flies through hyperspace the party gathers in the ready room with the remaining officers. The mission has cost many lives and there are some noticeably empty seats. Despite the shared feelings of grief there is a brimming sense of hopefulness in the wake of their success. The stolen data engine is linked to a holographic display and the Project Nocturn data drive is inserted. After a few moments an image swirls into existence, an orb with an equatorial trench and a vast crater-like indentation in its upper hemisphere. There is a collective intake of breath as the assembled Alliance fighters realise they are looking at the plans for a new Death Star...

The party will receive 15XP for recovering the data engine, 5XP for each bonus objective completed and 1XP for each enemy their character killed.

The party will be expected to return their borrowed equipment but will receive a payment of 5,000 credits each. As you have lost your ship, the Alliance is willing to give you a replacement once the plans have been delivered.

The sentience spends three days making necessary repairs and recovering wounds, the party make use of the bata tank onboard to repair up to 3 critical injuries. They can also be operated on by the ship doctor who has Intelligence 4 and Medicine 3 with 2 Blue dice for having equipment available. 

After the Sentience is repaired it receives a signal to set a course for the Kolthis system.

Act 4 Preamble: Flight to Kolthis

The party are standing on the bridge of the Sentience as it heads towards the planet Kothlis, a Bothan colony world and home of Spynet Command. As the Alliance fleet emerges from hyperspace, proximity alarms immediately begin to blare, Captain Needara demands answers and the view screen is filled with images of dozens of Imperial Star Destroyers. The world behind the armada is Kothlis, a verdant, populous colony world and it is burning.

"It looks like the Imperials have lost patience with the Net and seek to cut its threads.” Says Captain Needara. “Wait!” Zoom in on section G5.” The systems technician complies and the images clarifies on a monstrous, dagger shaped craft. “That’s Vadar's ship..." she says in awe before turning to the comm. "All wings, we need to leave now, jump to secondary rendezvous point!"

The lead fighters peel away and make their emergency jump before they can be engaged but the Sentience is not so lucky. From the blockade of Imperial ships a sleek craft emerges, it has a narrower profile than the Imperial Star Destroyer and with four bulbous sections on its hull.

"Captain, the Imperials have deployed a gravity well, we can't make the jump to hyperspace!" The signals officer cries with more than a hint of despair.

"Well, If we can't run we'll have to hide. Helm, evasive manoeuvres. Get us into atmosphere, and do it fast."

Act 4, Scene 1:
Before too long the Corvette begins to shudder under the weight of incoming fire. Damage reports come flooding in and the news is grim. Sparks shower across the room and the view screen goes blank. Needara gives a series of curt orders. “We won’t survive much longer, we have to abandon ship. Give the general evacuation order.” An alarm blares and the crew hurry to their assigned station, a number of R2 droids take over the navigation controls. Needara takes a final look around her bridge before departing, she gestures for you to follow. “The Project Nocturn datafile has been copied and the information placed on these data crystals.” she says handing one to each of you. “All we need to do now is deliver one of these to the Spynet, from there it will be taken to the Alliance. When you land you will have to remain undetected as best you can, hopefully the Net will recover you before the Imperials do.

When it’s safe to move, make your way to the Spynet Command Building in the capital, you cant miss it. If you think you’ve located an operative use the code phrase ‘Yavin was just the beginning’ now get inside and may the Force be with you.

Your escape pod launches as though it had been kicked by a Bantha, the grav harnesses hold you in place but it is far from a comfortable ride. There is one view port and a basic set of controls to help steer the pod’s descent.

The noise rises to a deafening roar as the pod tears through the atmosphere, as you breach the clouds all you can see before you is a sprawling metropolis and a forest of mile high towers. The computer flashes ‘Collision warning’ and indicates that you are about to hit one of the taller buildings.

Triumphant Success
The afterburners kick in and the pod comes to a skidding but controlled landing in the fields beyond the city
You manage to steer the escape pod out of the path of the building. The pod will now crash into the sea next to the city party must take a Hard Resilience check or suffer 3 strain from the inertia. 
The escape Pod clips the edge of the building, sending the pod into a horizontal spin. Party must take a Hard Resilience check or suffer 6 strain from the inertia. It crashes into the fields beyond the city
The Escape Pod smashes into the building ending the pod into a horizontal spin. Party must take a Hard Resilience check or suffer 10 strain from the inertia. It crashes into the fields beyond the city

As you emerge from the escape pod you see a herd of bemused Eopies chewing on thick grass, behind them is an elderly human female who is staring at you in slack jawed amazement.

The women, named Edith can be charmed or deceived into taking the party back to her farmstead with Average checks. If you fail any checks she becomes less helpful but still offers to take you back to her home. Edith is a supporter of the Alliance but is not involved in the Rebellion. She offers to take you into the city the next day as farm workers helping bring the cattle to the market. She has access to a medkit and has an Intelligence of 3 with 2 ranks in Medicine. She doesn't know any Net agents but does know someone who might. She can introduce you to him at the market.

The party will need to put on civilian attire (heavy clothing) from her attic and attempt to stash their gear on the old model land crawler she uses to transport the cattle. This is an Average Skullduggery check

Optional Encounter - Eopie Hunt (SoT pp.85)
This is a lighthearted encounter about hunting for a lost Eopie - make it a bit silly as the last few sessions have been very grim.

Journey to Watering hole
Stealth near to an Eopie and attempt to use a bolas to tie it down.
Varactyl attack’s out of the woods (SoT pp.89)
Varactyls chase the party back to the ranch - fend them off!

Act 4, Scene 2:
You set off in the early morning, the droids have already loaded the Eopie into the crawler and the party takes their places on board. Edith is driving. The journey lasts about an hour during which time Edith tells you that the person you are looking for at the market is the manager of a high class restaurant, a female Twi’lek by the name of Jozet Hinguar who will be there to buy produce for her business.

As the city comes into view it is apparent that it has suffered some heavy damage from the orbiting ships, numerous columns of smoke can be seen rising up into the atmosphere amongst the gleaming skyscrapers. The road ahead is blocked by a squad of Stormtroopers and a pair of AT-STs, an officer flags you down and demands to know what you are doing.

“Taking Eopies to the market sir” Edith says with a polite smile.
“By order of Moff Bandoras, all civilian traffic is bared from entering the city.”

Key items
Market place
Utilitarian concrete market with a cattle stall and various other shops selling fruit and vegetables from on and off world
Iosys Jayl, Edith's contact and proprietor of the Majestic restaurant
Reservation for a table at the restaurant
Wood panelled, with traditional furnishings hiding high tech systems
Droid servers. 
Imperial agent questions you as you leave
Safety deposit box with hotel room key in
5* luxury, water features and plant life. Rooms are very spacious and have mini bars... room service is available
Barman and hotel deputy manager
Room to stay in (175/500/1,000¥)
Majestic Restaurant
Luxurious restaurant, modernist/minimalist decor. Very wealthy clientele, tiny portions and ridiculous prices
Bothan SpyNet contact (code name 'Charger')
Com-link number for agent
Detention Centre
If the party are caught by the Imperials at any point they will end up in the detention centre, their weapons and armour will be confiscated
Guard (¥500 bribe)
Commanding officer (¥2k bribe)
Working class bar, shabby with bad lighting. TVs showing sport and news, long bar served by a human and a droid
Malco - humans bartender, can arrange weapons and black market goods to be collected at the imports/exports Centre
Alcoholic drinks, some weapons (L6) and black market goods available
Shopping centre
Modern shopping centre with a range of different shops available
Various shop assistants
Core worlds Level 4 rarity goods, as well as jewellery and food
Habitation tower
High end housing complex for the successful types on Kothlis
Charger waiting on the roof
Import/export office
Non descript office building where the party can go to collect illicit purchases
Kaldro - Bothan official 
Utilities monitoring station
High tech utilities hub with lots of complex machinery and skilled staff

Pipeline access
Large greenhouse park with a range of exotic plants in an ornamental garden
None but offers cover from patrols 
Mag-lev station
Large transit hub for the city, several mag level rail lines converge here.
Civilians, station employees
Map of area
Spy net command tower
Locked down and surrounded by a blockade of Imperial Troops, cannot be accessed at this time

Market Place:
Party is to meet their contact who may be able to put them in touch with a member of the Bothan SpyNet. The party are given a map, the number of a hotel in the city and a dinner reservation but told that they will need to change.
Party needs to check in and rent a room. (Basic/Standard/Suite. A bellhop will arrive with a memo asking the party to head to the tailors in the shopping centre

Shopping Centre:
Meet with the tailor to buy suits. Level 3 non-lethal goods also available for purchase.

Back room, met by a Bothan who explains the problem. The Imperials have sealed off access to the command tower and are trying to hack into the data cores. The party need to help the agent bypass the Imperial presence, get to the central data hub and upload the file to the transmitter. Gives you a key to a security box, he can't access it because the Imperials have shut down Bothan access to the banks.

Retrieving the key is straight forward. Party speaks with the clerk and is taken to the vault. Inside the deposit box is a key card with an address printed on a piece of paper next to it.
As they leave the party is approached by an Imperial patrol Arguing with the bank manager, demanding access to the vault, they must bluff their way past them, run or fight. If it ends in a fight the storm troopers will start executing the 4 civilians in the bank

Imperial curfew - all public movement is barred unless people have a valid security pass. Party will need to stealth check to move around outside. At night probe droids will be scanning the area, during the day, teams of Stormtroopers will be patrolling.

Habitation block:
Charger meets you at the roof after you have recovered the utilities station program key, he uses a grapnel droid to create a zip line for you to descend to the Utility Station undetected 

Utilities Station:
Mains water systems will need to be deactivated, the party will have to enter the pipes and navigate their way through the network until they get to the Command Tower.

Spynet Command Tower:
Accessed via the underground water pipes. Once they have been drained the party will be lead by 'Charger' to an access hatch. It is locked and will need to be hacked (Hard) or destroyed (HP10/Soak 6). Every failure raises the water level as the pipes begin to flood, after the fourth time the party should be fully underwater and taking damage. 'Charger' will then use a breaching charge to blast it open.

Act 5 Preamble:
Charger leads the party away from the hidden hatchway and into the Command Tower's sub levels.  The Command Tower is 76 stories high with An additional 8 being underground, it is powered by its own geothermal generator and serves a range of control purposes for the Bothan Spy Net (BSN). The building itself consists of a central tower that tapers to a point and a large fin-like extension that houses most of the offices and control stations.

Act 5, Scene 1: Entry
Charger and the party dry themselves off and check their equipment. Before leaving the maintenance room Charger gives the party a briefing;

"The Tower is currently on lock down and most of the staff have evacuated, we can't expect much in the way of help at this time. Some may have chosen to stay and secure the data vaults but there is no guarantee. We have two objectives here first we must transmit the Death Star plans to the orbital relay station and second we need to secure the Net's data vaults, the information it contains is not only priceless but could compromise our undercover agents, especially if the Imperials get hold of it."

Charger walks down several winding passages and enters an innocuous looking door, inside the room appears to be empty but from the ceiling descends a small but sophisticated looking droid, it quickly scans the Bothan's retinas and takes a sample of his blood. With the checks completed the droid returns to the ceiling and a series of computer terminals and storage crates emerge from hidden recesses in the walls. Charger activates a large display and starts typing.

"This is an emergency control station, from here we can get an overview of the state of the base, there are several of these located at various levels throughout the tower. Here, take these, they'll provide you with a schematic and instructions. It will also provide you with access to the sight-to-sight comm system that operates within the Tower." 

He passes each member of the party a small tablet computer

"The tower has a dampening field which inhibits comm link functions - basically they don't work inside. This will stop the Imperials coordinating their efforts once they inevitably break in."

Charger gestures for the party take control of a computer and cycle through the security camera feeds.

Triumphant Success
As success but you also notice that a party of Stormtroopers is also attempting to enter from the roof
You notice that the Imperials have yet to gain entry but are using a Siege laser to burn their way through the door
You don't notice anything particularly unusual
Your computer crashes, the system temporarily shuts down

Basement Level 8 
Subterranean level with emergency access to the city's water system
Basement Level 4
Geo-thermal power generator
Sealed blast doors and an array of turbolifts
Level 2
First response Security station 
Level 26
Operations centre
Level 31
Security nexus
Level 44
Senior Command Level
Level 50
Data vaults
Level 66
Communication systems
Level 72
Hanger bay
Level 76
Rooftop access to transmission array

Basement 4 - Geo-thermal Plant:
A bank of complicated and sizeable computers are monitoring the running of the geo thermal power generator that fuels the building. The actual equipment is heavily shielded and the system is in lockdown and encrypted to an extremely high level (read: impossible to hack). The generator room is quite stifling from the residual heat from the machinery and causes 1 strain for every turn the party spends in the room.

level 1 - Lobby and entrance way
The lock down has deployed a trio of blast doors and windows that are currently being attacked by the Imperials, close inspection of the main entrance doors reveals little but the sound of voices can be heard whenever the laser drill stops to cool down. At the rear of the lobby are a set of 3 turbolifts and a staircase that leads up to level 2. The only ornamentation is a large etched symbol of the Bothan SpyNet in the smooth floor. The reception desk has a terminal which shows an external camera feed of the Imperial breaching team and an alert saying that the first blast door has been compromised.

Level 2 - Primary Security Station
This level overlooks the lobby and is dominated by a semi circular office. It is currently locked but Charger knows the code. Inside is a sophisticated control array. An average computers check reveals personnel logs including the comings and goings of staff. It shows that all but 3 staff left the building before the lock down began. Charger notices on the security feed that someone is in the Operations centre on level 26

One console operates the primary passive defences which Charger will activate if the players do not. There is also a weapons locker which contains a number of blaster carbines, blaster pistols, stun grenades, shock gloves and binders. It is a hard computers check to hack it open.

Primary Passive defences
Ray shielding barriers that must be overloaded to get through (strain 12)

 As the party is about to leave they receive an alert that the second door has been breached.

Level 3-25:
These are offices and administrative rooms, there is nothing of value and no one to find. On level 25 the party will need to disembark and enter a security locked turbolifts to access the next set of floors. Your tablets will grant you access.

Act 5, Scene 2:
Level 26: Operations centre
The turbolifts opens onto a wide, multi levelled room the size of a cargo hanger. Dozens of monitors hang from the walls and hundreds of computer stations sit blank and empty. As you enter a voice calls out. 
"Move and you're dead, identify yourself!"
Charger raises his hands and gives his call sign
From the shadows emerges a dark furred Bothan carrying an elegant looking ballistic rifle.
"I didn't know if anyone would make it in, did you use the water tunnels?"

"In any case, I'm Sigma, Chief of Operations, who are the rest of you and how are you wrapped up in all this?"

Sigma explains that as C.O it is his responsibility to secure the operational data vaults from enemy attack. He has already uploaded most of the information to the Tier One network and is in the process of wiping the hard drives. He will then physically destroy the vaults. As Sigma finishes talking an alarm sounds, Charger sits himself down at a station and accesses the network. He quickly learns that the Imperials are about to breach the third and final door.
"You, get to the security nexus, its on floor 31, from there you can take manual control of the defences, we'll talk about your Death Star plans later. You need to slow the Imperials down, I need time to finish my work here."

Floor 31: Security Nexus
The security nexus resembles a much larger version of the primary security station on level 2. From here operators can activate any and all security systems and take manual control over weapon systems etc. Sigma contacts you via your tablet and directs you to a command Dias in the centre of the room. A raised platform with 5 throne like seats, the Command Dias has a neural interface headset that allows operators to literally see through the targeting lenses of the defences systems. As the party plugs themselves in they are asked to choose which of the defensive systems they wish to operate:
Hull points/soak
Primary defence turrets
Heavy repeating blaster
Fixed firing arc
Secondary turrets
Twin blaster carbines
Linked 2
Atmospheric Systems
Poison gas
Vent atmosphere 
One use only per zone
Incidental systems
Laser trip mines
Concussion blasts
Mechanism jamming (doors/turbolifts etc)
One use only

Ground floor
Levels 2-20
Levels 21-45

Levels 71-76
Ray shielding barriers that partition the lobby area into 12 sections
Mined floor which collapses into the two void cavity levels beneath (nexus access required)

Secondary turrets
Atmospheric (poison)
Incidental (jamming systems)
Primary turrets
Atmospheric (vacuume)
Incidental (trip mines)

Shield barriers
Primary Turrets
Battle droids
Secondary turrets
Atmospheric (poison)
Incidental (grenades)

Imperial Forces:
The Empire has sent a full battalion of troops to take the Command Tower - 300 troopers 
50 are attempting to breach the upper levels but are currently unsuccessful. The remaining troops are about to burst through the front door in squads of 8. The party will have 3 turns of firing before the next squad arrive, once the defences have been destroyed (Hard ranged with a Black die), the party will have to activate the next level in the building of defence. Turrets can be set on automatic fire in which case they will kill d6 troopers per level as they advance up the building

The specific number and type of defence systems will be given out at the GM's discretion.

Act 5, Scene 3:
After the Stormtroopers breach Level 25 they will be temporarily stuck as they cannot access the turbolifts. Having completed the task of wiping the data vaults, Sigma joins the party in the Security Nexus.
"Well done, the data is safe from the Imperials, there is nothing left for them to find. Now tell me about these plans."

We can't just upload the data into the net in the same way I just did with the data vaults. That information needs to be installed and encrypted, a file that size could take hours, that's time we don't have. We need to get to the Chief's office, he'll know what to do."

Chief activates the antenna array

Beam the plans to the orbital relay where they can be boosted out of system and uploaded elsewhere

Try to escape from the upper hanger deck only to be met by Darth Vadar as they emerge from the turbolift. 

How the campaign ends is up to the GM - my players made a valiant last stand but were cut down by the dark lord of the Sith, this is a good way to make the final battle meaningful.

Act 6 Preamble
As you finish coughing and spluttering from your dramatic escape you hear a mechanical whining in the distance, it swells in volume as whatever is causing it approaches. (Average Knowledge check). A trio of T-47 airspeeders in a drab and olive camouflage paint scheme burst over the tree line and start to circle the lake. One of the speeders lands whilst the other two begin a low patrol around the crash site. 

When the speeder's canopy opens, a familiar face appears, the nameless Bothan operative with whom you worked to recover the data drive. He gives you a wry look.
"Still alive I see."

He gets out of the speeder and investigates the data engine. With a nod of approval he returns to his speeder and makes a call. After a short while in which you see him nod several times he returns.
"We have a safe house not too far from here, other survivors from the Sentience are on their way there now. A recovery team is en-route to collect the cargo from here, my team and I will stand guard. Fly low to these coordinates where you'll see a waterfall, fly through it. The safe house is behind is on the other side. I'll meet you there shortly."

With that, he drags the data engine out of the pod, stashes it in the back of his speeder and departs.

The waterfall that the spy referred too lies at the end of a steep sided narrow canyon. As you descend into the shelter of the cliffs you notice striations of a crystalline substance in amongst the other layers of rock. As you emerge through the waterfall you find yourself in a sizeable and sophisticated hanger bay, two of the three camouflaged speeders are parked to one side, there are also a pair of commercial YT freighters, a pair of Z-95 Headhunters and a Y-wing. A droid waves your ship into a vacant landing bay.

You are greeted at the boarding ramp by a Bothan Female who introduces herself as Yuum Sukas
"Welcome to Sigma base, follow me and we will begin the debriefing." As she leads you across the hanger bay towards the base proper, the remaining airspeeder bursts through the waterfall followed closely by a stubby troop transport. Medical teams rush forward as injured personnel disembark from the transport. You recognise them as crew from the Sentience. Captain Needara is among them, her face and right arm are badly burned but she waves away help in favour of her crew.

The Bothan spy clambers out of his speeder and approaches, coming to a halt with a smart salute.
"Commander Sukas, we've rescued all the crew we could find. The Imperials have now secured the crash site but they won't find anything of value. I see you've met my 'colleagues' from the Varossi mission."

"Just. Good work Captain Nurrenu. File your report then join us in the ops room."

The situation is as follows. Kothlis City is under Imperial occupation, they've established a secure perimeter, a no-fly zone and a dusk-till-dawn curfew. The Spynet command building is being systematically searched, it's unlikely that they'll find anything - it's just a front. But they will keep looking anyway. Until that job is complete it seems unlikely that the Empire will be going anywhere and that means that neither will you."

"The Spynet can't repel an invasion, that's not how we operate."

Hosc Nurrenu

Bothan safe house 
Kolthis is under occupation by Imperial forces
Disguise as scrap merchants, use maglev freight train to return to Kolthis City.
Negotiate past check points
Meet contact who takes team through the tunnels into the Spynet command buildings
Ride skybridge to space station Kothlis 2 which has an array to send the signal out. 


Stealth, persuasion, bargaining and luck

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