Sunday, 21 January 2018

New Year, New Army

I’ve joined a regional Horus Heresy Group who is doing the whol NYNA thing for 30k. Because I’m all set on my Legiones I thought I’d do something with my Talons of the Emperor, especially as now they are being expanded into 40k.

The plan for the Facebook group is to complete 500 point blocks over the course of the year to bring the total to 3,000 by 2019. Although I’ve thrown down the 365 minis gauntlet I reckon this is achievable.

If truth be told, the Talons aren’t technically new as I’ve had them for a while (Prospero launch day in fact) but I’ve never done anything with them, they weren’t even built until recently so, to all intents and purposes they are new. I’ve written up a couple of lists but I think I’ve finally settled on a 2k list and an additional 1k add-on to bring it up to 3,000 points. The only thing that might change is that I add in a Knight of some kind for a bit of ‘oomph’.

Here it is...

Shield Captain
Paragon spear, digital lasers, Arae-shrikes, cyber-familiar, melta bomb and Praesidium shield

Hetaeron Guard Squad
3 Hetaeron Guard, Teleportation transponders and Arae-shrikes

Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnaught 
Dreadspear and Aedrathic Destructor

Custodian Guard Squad 
5 Custodians with Guardian spears, Teleportation transponders

Custodian Guard Squad 
5 Custodians with Guardian spears, Teleportation transponders

Sentinel Guard Squad 
5 Sentinel Guard, 2 with Sentinel warblade and Praesidium shield, 1 with Legion Vexilla and Praesidium shield. 

Dedicated Transport
Coronus Grav-carrier 
Extra Armour, armoured ceramite 

Heavy Support:
Galidus Grav-tank
Iliastus accelerator cannon, extra armour

1,998 points

Tribune upgrade 

Oblivion Knight-Centura
Master crafted execution blade and bolt pistol

Oblivion Knight Cadre
9 Oblivion Knights, 8 with execution blades, Knight Mistress with execution blade

Sisters Prosecutor cadre
10 sisters with bolters, Mistress with power weapon 

+Melta Bombs on both Custodian Guard squads 

Heavy Support:
Telemon Heavy Dreadnaught with Arachnus storm cannon

Contemptor-Gladus Dreadnaught
1,002 points

Total: 3,000 points

It’s not going to be the most competitive list but it should be fun to play with and will look cool with a significant part of the Custodes range in here somewhere.

So far I’ve painted up the Shield Captain and a squad of Custodes as well as a squad of Executioners. I’ve got a few bits left to do but I’m waiting till I’ve done my Siege Studios painting course before doing the blades and bare faces. I have 5 more Custodes to paint up and another 5 Executioners which will take me to about 1,000 points for my March deadline. My first new purchases are going to be the Achillus dreadnaught and the Galidus grav tank. After that we shall see what sparks my interest.

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  1. I think that looks like a really fun force to paint and to play. I'm looking forward to seeing you build it!