Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Enter the Underhive!

Necromunda passed me by without so much as a ripple when it was first released in the 90s, largely because I wasn’t very old at the time but in the past seven years I’ve been back in the hobby, it has never grabbed me. Lots of people I know rave about it but I’ve never been particularly interested. Until now that is...

Major 30k reorganisation

‘I have too many Ultramarines’ is not something I thought I’d ever say but the thought did occur to me recently. I don’t get to play huge games very often (or at all if I’m being honest) so having 7,000 points of Ultramarines seemed like a bit of a waste. As a lot of them were bare plastic or base coated I decided that there was going to be a redistribution of wealth...

365 mini challenge update

It’s been a bad month for the challenge, I’ve not been able to finish a single model... I’ve started loads, my Primaris Army is entirely painted red but it’s taking a lot longer than anticipated to block in the rest of the colours. My Iron Warriors have been undercoated silver but the arrival of Necromunda interrupted my painting as I’m trying to get my gang built in time for the club night on Friday.

So currently we sit at:

56 models in 57 days in 2018 which isn’t a bad place to be but it’s not as good as I was hoping. Lord of the Rings is clearly where I need to go if I want to knock out some big numbers!

I have also bought some more stuff. During my recent trip to Warhammer World I was very restrained and despite almost buying a ridiculous amount I walked away with Tylos Rubio and the Thousand Sons praetor. I was quite proud of myself. Last time I went I only wanted a pack of meltaguns and ended up buying a Caestus Assault Ram and Guilliman

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sisters missing from Warhammer World!

Last week I went on my annual pilgrimage to Warhammer World and whilst looking through the exhibition hall - which is amazing by the way - I noticed that the ONLY thing that was missing across the entire model range displays was Celestine and the Exorcist tank... rampant speculation ENGAGE!