Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Enter the Underhive!

Necromunda passed me by without so much as a ripple when it was first released in the 90s, largely because I wasn’t very old at the time but in the past seven years I’ve been back in the hobby, it has never grabbed me. Lots of people I know rave about it but I’ve never been particularly interested. Until now that is...

I’m blaming Warhammer World for this, I recently went on my annual pilgrimage to WHW and they had some fantastic Necromunda displays set up. Later that week my buddy tells me he wants to get it running at the club and some more people start to dig out their old gangs I felt the need to eat least look into it. After a browse through the game's website, my interest was sufficiently piqued and I went online to see what I could get hold of. By the time you’ve bought a gang, dice and cards you’re looking at about £40-50, I managed to get the boxed game from Alchemist Workshop for £58 which has two gangs, dice, cards, scenery, objectives, game tiles and the rule book. Fine, done.

So my journey into the Underhive begins. First impressions are good, the model kits are amazing and surprisingly versatile. The Rulebook is nicely put together and the game mechanics don’t seem overly complex. The scenery is also really nice and will be fun to practice weathering effects on.

I’ve chosen Escher as my (first) gang because I think they’ll be an interesting challenge to paint and very different from other things I have. I haven’t decided what to do with Goliath yet, I might sell them or keep them to use when friends come over. I have a large display cabinet array at home in my office which I am thinking of using one of the taller, narrow parts to create a cross-section display and my Escher would need something to be fighting...

I’m hoping to get my first game in this week at the club but the whole country is having a melt down over the snow so it might be called off. I will keep you updated.

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