Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Major 30k reorganisation

‘I have too many Ultramarines’ is not something I thought I’d ever say but the thought did occur to me recently. I don’t get to play huge games very often (or at all if I’m being honest) so having 7,000 points of Ultramarines seemed like a bit of a waste. As a lot of them were bare plastic or base coated I decided that there was going to be a redistribution of wealth...

With various other bits and pieces I have been able to cobble together 3 new armies whilst retaining good sized Ultramarines and Raven Guard armies. They are 1,250 point ZM-style Night Lords, 1,500 point Iron Warriors and a 2,000 point Thousand Sons army. They’ve all been reasonably well themed with the Night Lords consisting of 3 full Terror squads lead by Sevatar and supported by a Dreadnaught and some Seekers, the Iron Warriors have two Terminator squads, a veteran squad, mortis Dreadnaught, Predator and missile launcher support team with a Siege Breaker consul and Golg as my HQ. 

The Thousand Sons Army is a Sekhmet blob with two big Terminator squads, a Terminator Praetor, Tactical Squad, rotor cannon squad, Intercesion Cabal (psychic snipers) and a Spartan. This force is up for debate though as I am torn between the idea of doing Thousand Sons and an Istvaan III list, probably World Eaters. I have time to worry about that though as I want to get my Iron Warriors and Night Lords done, then finish my Ultramarines and Raven Guard before getting round to these.

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