Saturday, 16 June 2018

Iron Within, Iron Without

After the restructuring I spoke about a few posts ago I’ve got stuck into the Iron Warriors component. I’ve written up a 1,500 point list, the models are in place and I’ve got the base colours down, well, I’ve got the silver on...

The only thing I bought for them was a Legion Medusa, whilst it’s not the most useful piece of kit in the legion armoury it is so fluffy for Iron Warriors that I couldn’t not include one.

I’ve chosen Erasmus Golg as my HQ choice because he makes terminators into troop choices and has the same wargear load out as the Betrayal at Calth terminator captain, of which I had one spare. I’ve also chosen a siege breaker counsel for the free phosphor shells on the Medusa.. The army  is built around a large block of tactical marines, a squad of 8 terminators with an array of tools. A contemptor mortis Dreadnaught with lascannons and a havoc launcher for some mobile oomph. That and the Medusa should help control the battlefield whilst a predator executioner prowls about picking off isolated or back line units. Lastly a small team of missile launchers will join the siege breaker for some more anti-armour.

I’ve no idea how it will play but this is what I want and I intend to get used to using it and making it work. There is a very old white dwarf article where one of the writers talks about building a single list and getting good at it, even if it has glaring issues don’t go mad and just buy more, get good with what you have - it’ll make you a better player. 

So that’s the plan.

I’m sure it will change...