Monday, 2 July 2018

Rad bowl Yellow Jackets

My journey into the Underhive has been awesome so far. I’ve really enjoyed the games we’ve been playing at the club, in fact I’ve played nothing else since March!

The game is great and the campaign system is really engaging, I’ve spent hours and hours trying to work out how to build and grow my gang as our club campaign has rolled on. We are nearly at the end of our current phase of the campaign and I’m in pretty good shape with a roster of 13 and a rating of 1,775. Below are some pictures and I’ll put up some copies of the Escher newsletter I’ve been writing after the sessions.

Here is my custom caravan for the convoy mission - it can work on its own or be towed by my converted GSC truck.

A big 3v3 game we recently did

Here’s the aforementioned truck

Here are the first 10

This is the leader Yassica Debaine

The Shoot Out ended badly for my girls but I’ve only had one death in the gang - the campaign has not been as kind to some of the other players...

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