Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Yellow Jackets Circular: Issue 1

Yellow Jacket Circular: Issue 1

The gang has been a bit slack of late so the boss decided we need to put out a newsletter to raise gang morale. Shame we didn’t get it out in time to get them going last week, turning up late to the party isn’t a good start...

Anyway, item 1:
Props to Viktoria for her recent victory in the pit, standing proud for the YJs on a big pile of corpses! Some called her tactics cowardly but ya know what? They’re dead and she’s not, so what does it matter? [Its only cowardice if she loses - Editor]. You Juves could all learn a valuable lesson in situational awareness, no point charging headlong into a Goliath brawl, not whilst the renderizers are still revving!

Item 2:
Anyone looking for some more gear? The boss has been shopping so come by and see if there’s anything you could use. FYI Belladonna, your thing hasn’t arrived yet so quit asking.

Item 3:
The higher-ups in House Escher are giving you the week off to go and do...whatever it is you deviants do in your downtime, just try not to get yourselves killed.

Item 4: 
The boss’s birthday is coming up and she wants a pet. Keep an eye out for something suitable whilst you’re roaming, even if you have to tranquillise it first.

That’s it for the first circular, hope you all found it good reading? [assuming of course that you can all read... - Editor]

[Rad-Bowl Yellow Jackets, Gang Rating: 1265, Reputation:12]

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