Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Yellow Jackets Circular: Issue 2

Yellow Jackets Circular: Issue 2

This issue we have a special announcement from Lady Geneva, our illustrious Spire Mistress! In a personal interview she said “Welcome back from your vacation ladies, glad to see you’re all alive and in one piece - now get back to work before I turn you all into Corpse Starch!”

Item 1:
Whoever orchestrated the shoot out with those meat head goliaths, you’re losing your supplement and shower access this week - what were you thinking?? You’re just lucky nobody died, Yazmin is worth more than you so you’re paying her medical bill.

Item 2:
If you want to see how a shoot out should be done, watch the official Escher training video where the boss demonstrates how to go toe-to-toe with a Goliath, for those who don’t have a vidcaster - an overcharged plasma pistol and a fast draw holster should do the job so start saving up those credits!

Item 3:
Rumours abound of some bald mutants running about in our area, if you see one engage it with extreme (and we mean really extreme) prejudice. If they come in a pack, shout for help and then start killing, just watch out for any extra limbs

Item 4:
The runts we engaged a while back have recruited a Brute of significant proportions but don’t worry he may be big but he’s slow and a good dose of chem-synthed toxin number 5 should drop him in no time.
We think.

Item 5:
The guilders, recognising the primacy of House Escher have hired us to safeguard a land train in a couple of weeks. Our tame mechanics are hard at work getting the truck ready so standby for a quick call to action.

Item 6: 
We need to address the fact that the local business in our territory are scrimping with their tributes and although the coffers are quite healthy at the moment let’s not let them get away with credit-pinching. House advice is to practice your glares.

That’s it for issue 2 ladies, now go out and do House Escher proud!
[Rad-bowl Yellow Jackets, Gang rating: 1280, Reputation: 13, Turf 1]

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