Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Yellow Jackets Circular: Issue 3

Yellow Jacket Circular Issue 3

Greetings ladies, it’s been a productive time in the Underhive recently, the trucks are up and running and already earning us credits, the servo haulers we ‘purchased’ from the mechanicum are scheduled for delivery some time this cycle which means the machine shop can officially open for trade - put the word out, the Yellow Jackets are in the hotrod business!

Item 1:
In the truck’s debut outing the gang successfully managed to escort the guilder’s cargo out of the region, admittedly that hulking monstrosity those Squats have recruited did make off with some stash but we made up for it by pinching some rival loot [Editor: You say ‘we’ it was the other Escher gang, we were working with...]

Item 2:
We need to talk about Jimmy the Stimm... that lunatic has somehow got himself a motorbike and is becoming a real problem - he even attacked the boss! [Editor: Don’t worry boss, you can barely see the bruises]. Speculation is rife that there is something wrong with that boy, no matter how many times we see him drop he turns up again! We are recruiting a Delaq spy to find out what’s going on, just as soon as we can find one of the bald-headed bastards...

Item 3:
With the credit haul from the caravan mission we’ve recruited some fresh blood, the twins Amber & Alexandrine join us from cross-hive and Jewel from up-hive. Rosché is a champion joining us from another gang and is a dab hand with a stiletto sword [Editor: rumours that she carved up her last gang should be largely ignored, but keep an eye on her just in case]. Our illustrious overseer in House Escher has assured us that they will be valuable additions to the Yellow Jackets so please welcome them to the fold.

Item 4:
We’ve had some more armour delivered so if you’re still running about in last seasons flak armour, come see the QM for an upgrade. Things are getting ugly out there and you need to be not dying on us.

That’s it for this Circular, rumours are going round that shit is about to go DOWN soon so sharpen those blades ladies, we need to be ready!

[Rad-bowl Yellow Jackets, Gang rating 1,775, reputation 14, turf size 1]

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