Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Yellow Jackets first steps

The Rad-bowl Yellow Jackets are an off-shoot of a successful House Escher Gang (the Underhive Hellclaws) located in a neighbouring spire. Yassica Debaine has been tasked with establishing chem supply routes into this part of the underhive and securing territory in preparation for further phases of expansion. She brings with her a group of established gangers and an array of specialist kit designed to stab and las its way through the opposition.

The moot didn’t go to plan and Yassica learned some valuable lessons about the fortitude of Squats. Subsequent battles saw peaks and troughs of fortune but Champion Viktoria is finding life in this part of Necromunda largely to her liking, as is Yasmin who has knocked several fresh notches into the grip of her Needle Rifle. Laina, the trigger happy Juve is still alive (somehow) but there are questions being asked about how many concussions are too many concussions...
Only one Escher has gone to the sump, her injuries proving to be too expensive for the doctor to attempt to fix - it’s a fact that life is cheap in the hive and sometimes credits are better spent elsewhere, like mesh armour and stiletto knives.

A few weeks in and the Yellow Jackets are in pretty good shape but with lots of hard graft still to do.

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