Here are some images of various models/units from the army set to a backdrop I found online somewhere.

Tactical Squad Sergeant


Captain Remus Ventanus


  1. Goddamnit Remus, Leave the standard... Brilliant work^.^

  2. Nice, very nice, although, It would be very cool if you re-did this model and did it as close as you could to the books (Mark of Calth: cover, so without the wings on his chest, and with a spike on the end of the Standard. (If you read Know No Fear, he stabs a WB terminator with it).
    Please reply to this, and I wouldn't mind helping out with suggestions on characters (conversion's and ideas) and different tips I could help you with, I have read know no fear many times, and could even give suggestions on terrain. So if you do reply, give me your email and I will send you a message.