Primarch Gallery

The HH Character Series are some of the best models that GW produce and I'm certainly hard pressed to think of a model I like more than many of these!

Maybe the Riptide...

Below is a gallery of my Character Series figures, I hope you enjoy.

Time: 9hrs
Start/Finish date: Dec '14/Apr '15

Time: 10hrs
Start/Finish date: Mar '14/May '15

Roboute Guilliman
Time: 14hrs
Start/Finish date: July '15

Konrad Curze
Time: 8hrs
Start/Finish date: July '15/Aug '15

Alexis Polux
Time: 3-4 Hours
Start/Finish date: September '15

Time: 10 Hours
Start/Finish date: Oct '15

Time: 14 Hours
Date: Jan/Mar 2016

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