My Ultramarines Army as it stands:

Entries marked with an * are built but unpainted. Entries marked with a ^ have been purchased but not built.

Lords of War
Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines

Thunderhawk Gunship

Captain Remus Ventanus

Praetor (Marius Gage, Chapter Master, First Chapter)

Legion Champion (Praetor Eikos Lamiad, Primarch's Champion)

Master of Signals

Command Squad - 3 chosen Space Marines

Apothecarian Detachment - 1 Apothecary

Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnaught*

Honoured Telemechrus*

Invictarus Suzerian Squad - 5 Invictarii*

Terminators Squad - 5 in Cataphractii armour

Terminators Squad - 5 in Tartarus armour*

Legion Tactical Squad - 10 MkIV Space Marines, Rhino

Legion Reconnaissance Squad - 5 Mk IV Space Marine with sniper rifles

Legion Support Squad - 5 Marines with Rotor Cannons

Assault Squad - 10 Mk II Assault Marines (5*)

Fast Attack:
Fire Raptor Gunship

Legion Seeker Squad - 10 Marines

Heavy Support: 
Caestus Assault Ram

Predator Executioner


Spartan Assault Tank

Total points (with upgrades): 5,100 points


  1. This all looks super cool. I've never really been an Ultramarines fan all that much, but these are looking great! Looking forward to more...

  2. I ran a Legion Command Squad with a Praetor with Paragon blade, and they ran riot in Artificer armour, I'd recommend looking into having a Command Squad in Terminator Armour!

    1. I've just bought a set of Tartaros pattern terminators for a Guilliman conversion and will use the rest for a command squad based on your advice - thoughts on load out?

    2. I'm really looking forward to the Guiliman conversion! As for load out, I'd gear them for combat as that's where they'll hit the hardest. I'd mix up the weapons to vary the AP values, because they're all characters you can choose who's accepting challenges depending on equipment/armour save. I'd suggest a thunder hammer and power sword at the very least, and maybe even a chainfist just in case a stray tank tries to rock up and slow you down. I'd also suggest either the heavy flamer or auto canon if you're going for the full 5 man squad, having something there just in case is better than needing it but not having it. In the end, it's your choice, just go with what you will enjoy playing with if you ask me :)

    3. Do you still need to give one of them a banner if you kit out the command squad in terminator armour?

    4. That is a question that I am still uncertain of, they replace all their Wargear I believe so it depends on what the banner is counted as, Wargear or item

  3. Love this idea of Heresy era Ultramarines. I personally run a 1st Coy themed 40k Army as my primary army (close to 10000 points now). Would love to do something like this as well, just so I can field some of the beautiful kit from FW. Can't wait to see the Guilliman conversion. I will wait for the FW one and get it when they release it. Keep up the great work.